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Uziel Hernandez killed in Bakersfield accident

March 20, 2010–Last Saturday’s fatal accident at the intersection of Ashe Road and District Boulevard in
Bakersfield took the life of 19 year old Uziel Hernandez.  He was taken to Kern Medical Center where he died.  His car collided with a tractor trailer rig.

Accidents like this one often appear, at first glance, to be the fault of the deceased.  One reason for this is that only the truck driver has survived to tell his version of events.  A full privately funded investigation would include downloading the event data recorders from each vehicle air bag system, analyzing skid marks and vehicle damage, to determine both speeds, use of brakes, etc.  Most accidents have plenty of blame to go around.  Our law firm recently filed suit against a Bakersfield trucking company on a very similar wrongful death claim.  It is very important, however, that we begin our work before the vehicles are repaired or destroyed.  We will advance all expenses and take your case on a contingency fee basis.  Please call right away. 

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