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March 9th pedestrian accident in Easton-Wayne Hitchcock

March 9, 2010-Tuesday’s vehicle vs. pedestrian accident involving a 74 year old man walking near Highway 41 south of Fresno.  The decedent, Wayne Hitchcock, was not of sound mind and may have wandered into the roadway in Easton south of Fresnoon Adams Avenue.  However, the vehicle still should not have struck him.  Potential liability lies with the nursing home and the truck driver.  Mr. Hitchcock is survived by 4 daughters and a son.  Please give us a call–we should be able to pick up the face sheet of the police report tomorrow.  Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159.  Family members can also use my home phone at 559-627-5242.  I will be going by the scene of the accident tomorrow also.  /