On February 27 Sandy Blakes Roberts of Florida was killed in a wrongful death accident on Highway 46 in Kern County near San Luis Obispo County. Reportedly Roberts was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Nicole C. Deane. Deane was passing a pickup truck at a fast speed when she lost control of the vehicle. Her car then crashed with a Chevrolet driven by Luis Carlos Mosqueda. Roberts was taken to the hospital and died there. Deane is being treated for major injuries at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield. Mosqueda along with Manuel and Maria Mosqueda and a third passenger Karla E. Reyes are all being treated for moderate injuries at Mercy Southwest Hospital in Bakersfield. It has been reported that all people involved in the accident were wearing seat belts.

Please call us to begin an investigation of the speeds of each vehicle, available insurance coverages and possible roadway defects.  Highway 46 is known as blood alley and has been the scene of many fatalities.  Our offices are located just an hour or so from the scene of this accident.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159   /