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Fatal accident near Porterville between Tipton and Poplar

March 15, 2010–Fatal accident in Porterville leaves one dead.  The CHP reports a wrongful death accident earlier today near Porterville in Tulare County.  A Chevy pick-up collided with a Pontiac Grand Am at the intersection of Avenue 152 and Highway 190 between Tipton and Poplar. 

This crash took place just 30 miles from our law firm in Visalia.  We use an accident investigator to measure skid marks and download air bag black box data to determine the speed of each vehicle, to rule out highway defects and to analyze liability issues.  It is best if he gets to the scene of the accident before the skid marks disappear and before the cars are repaired or destroyed.  He can go out tomorrow if the family of the deceased will call us right away.  Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159/