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Woodlake accident in Tulare County

February 7, 2010–Yesterday’s motor vehicle accident near Woodlake in Tulare County sent 73 year old Bertha Salmon to the hospital.  She was riding in a westbound 2007 Saturn driven by Diana Moran of Visalia on Highway 216 in Tulare County.  The accident was apparently caused by Ignacio Carrillo of Woodlake who was arrested.  Mr. Carrillo was northbound on Road 168.

The law firm of Nelson and Rozier has litigated other accidents in the Woodlake area and their offices are located in Visalia just 10 miles from the scene of this accident.  Please call us for a full investigation of vehicle speeds, stop signs, accident histories, etc.  559-713-0159  Attorney John Rozier.  /