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Foggy road near Delano leads to wrongful death of Wasco man

February 2, 2010–According to the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, Tuesday’s fatal crash between a truck and a big rig took place in heavy tule fog near Delano.  The decedent was identified as 34 year old Moises Vargas Gonzalez of Wasco.  He was driving northbound on Highway 43 when a big rig driven by Casimiro Casares made a left turn in front of him.

This is very similar to another case handled by our office where we were able to collect a substantial settlement from the left turning truck in a fog accident.  In that other case the police report also blamed the driver who had the right of way.  By looking at the black box data in the air bag module, and by hiring an accident engineer we found a bend in the road which contributed to the accident and otherwise were able to show that the tanker driver should not have made his turn at that location.

If hired by the family of Moises Vargas Gonzalez we will do a similar investigation to see if shared liability can be shown.  Please call his family to offer our services.  /