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February 12 wrongful death bicycle accident in Waterford

On February 12 Ashley Henderson was hit by a car while riding her bicycle in what turned out to be a wrongful death accident in Waterford on Western Avenue and Highway 132. Henderson was crossing Highway 132 at Western Avenue when a pickup truck traveling westbound on Highway 132 hit her. Reportedly she was thrown from the bike onto the hood of the truck. She was taken to a Modesto hospital with major injuries to her head and upper body. She died the next day.

Our law firm has much experience with pedestrian and bicycle accidents.  The driver of a motor vehicle has a great duty of care.  We would like to review the police report of this incident if it is available to determine if the surviving family members have a potential claim.  The review is free of charge.  Please call right away.  559-713-0159  Attorney John Rozier.  /