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Wrongful death motor vehicle accident west of Fresno

January 24, 2010–According to the Fresno Bee newspaper, alcohol was involved in Sunday’s fatal accident west of Fresno.  23 year old Michael Freeman was westbound on McKinley and had been drinking.  He collided with a southbound Nissan Frontier on Highway 145 driven by a 76 year old male who expired in this wrongful death collision. Both Mr. Freeman and his passenger Dustin Perger sustained serious injuries and were taken to Regional Medical Center in Fresno.

Issues to be investigated include the speed of each vehicle, whether stop signs or stop lights were in place, the availability of uninsured motorist coverage, whether either party was on the job, and the information which our engineers can download from the event data recorders or air bag black boxes.  Our law offices are located about 50 miles from the scene of this accident.  Please give us a call right away.  /