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January 1 drunken driving accident on Highway 46 near Delano kills three people

On January 1 three people were killed when a drunk driver caused a fatal accident on Highway 46 near Delano. Reportedly Erculano Sanchez Hernandez was driving eastbound on Highway 46 at a fast speed when he rear-ended a Honda driven by Richard Jung. The Honda then crossed into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Jung, his passenger, and the driver of the oncoming Chevrolet were killed as a result of the accident. A passenger in the Chevrolet was treated for major injuries. Hernandez and one of his passengers were not injured. A second passenger was treated for moderate injuries. In the criminal precedings, Hernandez has plead not guilty to second-degree murder and ten other charges. He remains in jail. There is also the possibility of a civil suit. While monetary compensation cannot bring back the deceased, it can help to support any dependants who may have been left behind and can help to ease the burden of burial costs. Please contact us at / if you are interested in filing a civil suit.