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Highway 46 accident causes wrongful deaths

January 1, 2010–According to the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, 2 more accident victims died in a  Highway 46 accident on New Years Day.  Alcohol was believed to be involved.  A Delano driver rearended a vehicle with 2 occupants, Hyun Kim, age 49 and her son Richard Jung, age 21, both of whom died in the accident.  This latest Highway 46 wreck occurred just east of the San Luis Obispo line in Kern County.

The Kim vehicle was propelled into the opposing lanes and this resulted in serious injuries to the occupants of that third vehicle.

Issues to be investigated include whether roadway conditions contributed to this collision, the speeds of all three vehicles, whether any driver had a last clear chance to avoid impact, analysis of the black box data from each vehicle, the involvement of alcohol and/or drugs, the insurances available as to any responsible party, underinsured motorist coverages, the extent of assets of any at fault driver, and the extent to which medical expenses can be negotiated downward.  The first step is to send an accident reconstruction engineer to the scene of the accident.  If you or a family member has been wrongly affected by this accident, then please consider calling us at 559-713-0159 in Visalia.  Highway 46 is well known to our firm and our retained engineer stands ready to inspect the scene of this accident.  Please review our other postings about Highway 46 and the description of our firm’s handling of a case on Highway 46 very similar to this one.   John Rozier.