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Helicopter crash near Redinger Lake in Madera County

January 5, 2010–Two well known State Scientists and an aide died today in a helicopter crash near Redinger Lake in Madera County.  According to The Fresno Bee, the helicopter hit power lines causing the crash and these wrongful deaths.  A fourth occupant was not yet accounted for.  The accident occurred in Willow Creek Canyon.  The deceased scientists were identified as Clu Cotter and Kevin O’Connor.  The aide was identified as Tom Stolberg.

Issues to be further investigated include whether the pilot was also a state employee, whether the power lines in question were properly installed and adequately visible, whether the helicopter had been properly serviced and whether any other actions or inactions may have contributed to this collision.  If you would like a private team of experts to be assembled to begin an immediate investigation of all of these issues, then please call us right away.  /