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Foggy conditions throughout the Valley December 15

Many areas of the Valley reported foggy conditions this morning, December 15. School districts across the Valley that opted for a foggy day schedule are Central Unified, Caruthers, Alvina, Monroe, Pixley Union, Raisin City, and Tipton Elementary. Conditions were bad enough for the CHP to pace traffic along highway 41 between Elkhorn and Excelsior Avenues. Visibility in that area was reported to be around 100 feet. Traffic was also being paced on Highway 198 from 18th Avenue to Avenal. Dense fog has also been reported on Highway 99 between Delano and Tulare. Foggy conditions are the cause for many accidents throughout the Valley each year. Motorists are cautioned to drive at speeds appropriate for the conditions and be aware of road conditions before leaving home in order to allow adequate time for travel. /