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December 30 wrongful death bike and big rig accident in Riverbank near Atchinson and First Streets

On December 30 a woman was killed when she was hit by a big rig while riding her bike in Riverbank near First and Atchinson Streets. Reportedly the woman had gotten off her bicycle to walk the bike across the street when a truck was turning right onto Atchinson and hit her in the crosswalk. She was dragged approximately 100 to 200 yards then fell underneath the truck and was run over. She died immediately. This accident can easily be ruled a wrongful death as it seems that the woman was in the crosswalk and had dismounted the bike to cross the road. The attorneys of Nelson and Rozier specialize in wrongful death claims. While our condolances go out to the friends and family of the victim, we recognize that no monetary sum can ease the pain and loss felt after a tragedy such as this. However, just monetary compensation can help ease the burden of medical bills, final expenses, and help support any dependants left behind by the deceased. Please contact us at / or call attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159 if you would like help filing a claim.