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Visalia woman files suit over nursing home death

November 7, 2009–A Visalia woman is filing suit over the death of her mother in a nursing home.  After being allowed to attend a doctor’s appointment without an escort, albeit in a wheelchair and with an oxygen tank, the nursing home resident fell from the chair and fractured her leg in addition to facial injuries.  When returned to the nursing home after leg surgery in the hospital, medical care was inadequate leading to sepsis and double pneumonia and eventual death.  The California Department of Health Services investigated this death and issued two large fines (each nearing $18,000) against the facility.  Paperwork is now being circulated by the Law Firm of Nelson & Rozier preparatory to filing suit which should take place within a week.

Wrongful death claimants in a case such as this follow California laws of inheritance without a will–in other words the rules of intestate succession.  The surviving spouse, surviving children, and even grandchildren may have a claim if their parent does not survive.  If you have a family member who has been mistreated at a nursing home please call Attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159.