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Cal Trans Defect Causes Accident on Highway 41

Suit was filed in the Fresno County Superior Court on September 23, 2009 alleging a roadway defect on Highway 41 at the intersection of Floral Avenue near the town of Selma.  Plaintiffs lost their only child in this tragic accident.  The accident occurred on February 1, 2009 when a car driven by Ms. Valdovinos attempted to cross the roadway.  It is alleged that Cal-Trans negligently designed the roadway by forcing a crossing to take place without the benefit of a second stop sign.  The roadway was too wide to cross all at once.  In addition, signage was of the improper size such that it blocked the driver’s view and finally the light pole should have broken away and did not.  According to Attorney John Rozier, this matter will proceed to trial in about one year.  The defendant’s are currently being served with the suit.