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Animal Attacks Archives

Even dog breeds not known for violence sometimes attack

When people think about dog bites and attacks, they often think of breeds with a reputation for violence, such as pit bulls. However, it's important to remember that even dogs without this reputation may bite. For example, here are a few breeds that one study found had attacked people, as unexpected as it may be:

Are mail carriers really bitten by dogs?

There's this rather cliche image of a mail carrier running away from a barking dog, sprinting back to the van with a U.S. Postal Service bag over his or her shoulder, trying not to get bitten while just dropping off the mail. But is this more than just a cliche, the type of thing you see in newspaper cartoons? Does it really happen?

How do you proceed in the wake of an animal attack?

Many people have read stories about animal attacks or even personally experienced (or known someone who has been involved in) an animal attack. These incidents can be life changingg, leaving a person with severe scaring, terrible deformities, disabilities, disfigurement and even fatal injuries. When an animal attacks, the victim is often lucky to survive -- and if they do, they may have some complex legal questions to consider.

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