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Major dust storm closes roads

October 27, 2009--A major dust storm yesterday closed roads, caused accidents and resulted in warnings.  Kings County saw gusts of up to 43 mph while wind speed in Fresno hit 27 mph.  After a big rig collision Tuesday morning the CHP closed Avenue 71/2 at road 9 to Avenue 7 in Madera County.  The driver of the truck and at least two others were reported injured.In Kings County CHP officers called for the help of the Lemoore Naval Air Station for the use of water trucks to reduce the dust.  Near Buttonwillow in Kern County winds forced the closure of State Route 119 from Interstate 5 to State Route 43.  In Fresno police reported malfunctioning traffic signals at several locations throughout the city. After the multi-fatality collision in Kern county 2 weeks ago which killed at least 3 and involved 11 vehicles in a massive dust storm, officials are using great caution.

Pit bulls attack goats in Riverdale

Dozens of goats were attacked by 3 pit bulls on a farm near Riverdale, California.  The goats were then destroyed due to the injuries inflicted.  The value of the loss was placed at $68,000.  The attacked goats were on a farm located on the 21000 block of South Chateau Fresno Avenue.According to the Fresno County Sheriff's Department this was one of the worst attacks they have seen.  The dogs then turned on a farm worker and pinned him on a tractor for a time.  He was able to lasso one of the dogs and followed the other two back to their home.

Dogs kill 4-H animals

August 19, 2009--The Selma Enterprise reported the death of 4 sheep and one goat at the Kingsburg 4-H Club farm on Carruthers Avenue.  Several other animals were attacked and injured.  The attacking dogs were described as a tan chow and a large black dog.

6 year old mauled by pit bulls

January 2005--The mauling of six year old Tyler Babcock in January 2005 led to the enactment of Tyler's law allowing stricter enforcement of animal control statutes.  The child was attacked by 3 dogs, a chow and 2 pit bull mixes.  The address where the dogs lived was cited for an earlier dog bite in October of 2003.

California dog bite statute

California's dog bite statute is found at Civil Code section 3342 and states that the owner of a dog who injures someone is liable if the injury took place while the person was lawfully in a public or private place.  This statute protects meter readers, utility workers, invited guests and anyone else who has valid business to be present on the premises.  Liability results no matter how carefully the dog was guarded or restrained.For more information on this law, contact Attorney John Rozier  /

Pack of pit bulls attacks mail carrier July 14, 2008-- In my research of pit bull attacks I came across a notice of an attack on a mail carrier in July of last year.  The dogs began by intimidating a 77 year old woman.  The same dogs had previously killed a neighbor's puppy.  Tyler's law now allows the police to crack down more severely on dogs with known dangerous habits.  Two of the dogs were then put down by the Fresno SPCA.

Selecting an attorney

Perhaps I have some readers out there who are looking for legal counsel.  It is important to consider using an attorney in your own community and one who can meet with you personally.  On occasion law firms are far away as 200 or 300 miles send a paralegal to sign up a client and then charge more for this remote control arrangement.  Any contingent attorney fee higher than one-third should be reviewed with caution and the claims of minors should be handled at 25%.I would appreciate your comments on this topic.[email protected]

Merced woman strikes cow

0ctober 22, 2009--A Madera woman struck a cow with her vehicle while coming home from Table Mountain.  The cow was owned by Urruita Ranch.  The collision caused the airbag to ignite and caused personal injuries.  The CHP report of this incident is still pending.  Personal injury website    

Three car pileup in Kerman

October 23, 2009--Last Friday a three car pileup near Kerman in Fresno County killed one man and injured several others.  A Ford Mustang going westbound on Central Avenue veered into oncoming traffic.  It collided with a van driven by a Reedley man and then hit a third vehicle from Los Angeles.  The injured parties were taken to Fresno Regional Community Medical Center.

Tollhouse single car accident

October 24, 2009--Savanha Rhoades of Fresno was killed last Saturday in a single car accident.  At the intersection of Pittman Hill and Tollhouse Road her tires caught the side of the road causing her to swerve and overcorrect.  She was taken to Clovis Community Hospital where she died.

Pit Bull Victim Identified

More information October 23, 2009--The 17 month old child killed in a pit bull mauling has been identified as Colton Smith. The attack occurred in Merced County.  There is no word yet whether charges will be filed against the child's babysitter.

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