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Patrol Vehicle Crash at Blackstone and Shaw Avenues, in Fresno

Attorney John Rozier, Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer, has the following report; On Sunday, August 21, 2016, a police officer-involved vehicle collision occurred in Fresno.  The patrol car crash happened at around 10:00 PM, at Blackstone and Shaw avenues.

Police Car Involved in Multi-Vehicle Crash, on Truxtun Avenue, in Bakersfield

On Friday, January 15, 2016, a vehicle accident involving a police car took place in Bakersfield.  The Kern County multi-vehicle collision happened on Truxtun Avenue, at about 10:26 AM.

Bakersfield Police Officer Killed in Patrol Car Collision on Panorama Drive & Mt. Vernon Ave.

June 26, 2015- A Police Officer was killed in a car collision in Bakersfield, on Friday.  The patrol vehicle accident occurred at Mt. Vernon Avenue and Panorama Drive, at about 2:45 AM.Officer David Nelson, 26, was in pursuit of a suspect in the area of Flower and Haley streets.  The cop car was traveling down Panorama Drive, chasing the other vehicle, when for an unexplained reason the vehicle lost control.
bakersfield officer david nelson killed patrol car crash panorama drive mt. vernon fatality
photo by abc23

Officer Nelson was found in his vehicle at the intersection of Panorama Dr. and Mt. Vernon Ave.  He was pinned inside the car.Nelson was rescued from the patrol car and taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.The suspect has yet to be captured.  The vehicle has been reported to have been an unlicensed silver Hyundai.
Our condolences go out to the family, and friends of the victim.  Please let us help you during this trying time.  Attorney John Rozier, your lawyer for all wrongful deaths, and car accidents.  We serve all of Kern County, Tulare County, and Fresno County.  With our office located in Visalia, California. or contact us by phone at 559-713-0159.

Police Officer Hurt in Car Accident at Bellevue Road in Atwater

March 18, 2015- A police officer was injured in a car accident, in Atwater, Wednesday afternoon.  The Merced County automobile collision happened after the patrol car and another vehicle collided.Officer Dave Sarginson was driving in his police cruiser, responding to call, with his lights and sirens on.  When Sarginson entered the intersection of Bellevue Road and Granite Drive, a 2003 Cadillac attempted to make a left turn and smashed into the patrol car.
atwater police car crash dave sarginson merced county accident
photo courtesy of abc30

The officer was airlifted to a Modesto hospital.  The condition of his injuries is not known, but he was recently released from the hospital and will likely return to duty next month after recovery.David Macias Rodriguez, the driver of the Cadillac, suffered injuries to his shoulder.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.  A five year old girl, who was a passenger in Rodriguez's vehicle, was not hurt.If you would like this accident investigated further, please give me a call. Attorney John Rozier, your personal injury lawyer. I specialize in all types of vehicle collisions.  My office is located in Visalia, California, in Tulare County.  Let me help you. 559-713-0159 or online at

Police Car Hit in DUI Vehicle Collision on Shaw & Fruit Avenues in Fresno

Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield Accident Lawyer John L. Rozier has the following collision report; On Sunday, March 1, 2015, a car crash leaves two police officers injured.  The automobile accident, which took place in central Fresno, occurred at about 3 AM.

Regina Garcia, who was suspected of driving while under the influence, was traveling at about 65 miles per hour.  At the intersection of Shaw and Fruit avenues, the pickup truck ran a red light and crashed into a patrol car that had two officers inside.

fresno dui accident patrol car police hurt shaw fruit avenues regina garcia

The police cruiser then collided with a light pole.  The pickup truck, upon impact, then hit a fire hydrant, which caused water to flood the intersection.  Garcia attempted to flee the scene of the crash.

Both officers sustained minor injuries and were taken to Clovis Community Hospital for treatment.  They have since been released.

Garcia was arrested for DUI and other infractions.

Please call us this afternoon to preserve evidence of this accident.  Attorney Rozier is here to meet all your legal needs. Give him a call at 559-713-1059.

Police Officer Injured in Head-on Collision in Atwater

Central California Car Collision Attorney John L. Rozier has the following report; On Saturday, December 27, 2014, a head-on collision sends one police officer to the hospital.  The Merced County car accident occurred at about 8 PM, in Atwater.

A woman, with four passengers, was driving a car on Atwater Boulevard.  She attempted to make a left turn near Shaffer Road, and pulled out into the path of a patrol car.  The two vehicles hit head-on.

merced county atwater head-on crash police officer patrol car
picture courtesy of abc30

The Atwater police officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.  Two children in the other automobile were also hurt, but family members chose to seek their own medical treatment.

The scene of the accident should be independently inspected as soon as possible.  Please call Mr. Rozier at 559-713-0159 or online at  He is located just south of Atwater, in Visalia.

Pedestrian Fatality in Patrol Car Accident on Santa Fe Street in Visalia

On early Saturday morning, November 1, 2014, a Visalia police officer was involved in a pedestrian collision.  The patrol car accident took place on Santa Fe Street, at about 1:30 AM, and ended in fatality.Officer Max Navo was driving his police vehicle on Santa Fe Street in response to a call about a disturbance.  He is reported to have been going down the roadway at 30 miles per hour, when a pedestrian stepped into the street, in front of him.The man was Rodrigo Cabral, who had reportedly been knocked down by two other men.  When he got up he walked into the road at the time the patrol car was passing by.  Officer Navo attempted to put on his brakes and swerve to the left, but did not do it in time.  The vehicle hit Cabral and injured him severely.Cabral was taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, in Visalia, where he was pronounced dead just a short time later.
The scene of the accident should be independently inspected as soon as possible.  Please contact my office, so we can help you.  Attorney John Rozier, a personal injury, wrongful death, and vehicle collision lawyer.  559-713-0159, or reach me online at

Avenal Man Killed in Car Accident with Visalia Police Vehicle

November 1, 2014- an Avenal man was struck and killed by a patrol car in Visalia, early Saturday.  The vehicle collision occurred on Santa Fe Street at about 1:30 AM.Rodrigo Cabral, 27 years old, of Avenal, was walking along Santa Fe Street, when he and two other men got into an altercation.  It is reported that he got knocked down and the other pedestrians left.  When he got up he walked into the roadway, some have reported that it was to flag down the oncoming police car.Officer Max Navo was driving the patrol vehicle, responding to a call about a disturbance.  It is reported that he was going 30 miles per hour, when Cabral appeared in the street.  Navo attempted to brake and swerve out of the way, but did not do it in time and hit the pedestrian.Cabral was rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, in Visalia, to be treated for his serious injuries.  He was pronounced dead a short time later.Bernadine Mannon, who is familiar with that stretch of Santa Fe Street, reported that that area of roadway is very dark.  It makes it hard to see anyone at night as you drive down the street.  Cabral was hit in an area of the road where there is just one sidewalk on the west side, and only a dirt shoulder on the east.The law offices of Nelson and Rozier has handled similar cases in the past.  We were able to gather evidence and do an independent investigation to help those cases.  Please let us do the same for you.  Mr. Rozier is located right in Visalia, a few miles away from the accident.  Call him at at 559-713-0159  or reach him online at

Patrol Car Hits Pedestrian in Collision on Santa Fe Street in Visalia

November 1, 2014- A car collision between a police cruiser and a pedestrian, ended in fatality, in Visalia.  The Tulare County vehicle accident happened on Saturday, at about 1:30 AM.  The officer has now been identified as Max Navo.Officer Max Navo was traveling down Santa Fe Street at about 30 mph, when a pedestrian, 27 year old Rodrigo Cabral, stepped out into the street.  Rodrigo was reported to have been walking with two other men, when a fight occurred between them.Cabral fell to the ground, and when he got up he walked into the street, possibly to flag the cop car down.  The officer was said to have swerved to avoid the pedestrian, but wasn't able to get out of the way in time.Cabral was rushed to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, after suffering major injuries.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital at about 2:13 AM.The California Highway Patrol have reported that it appears the collision was purely accidental.
The scene of the accident should be independently inspected as soon as possible.  Please give us a call so that my office can investigate it for you.  Attorney John Rozier, My contact number is 559-713-0159.  Or feel free to contact us online at

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