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Multi-Vehicle Collision Involving School Bus in Fresno County, on Highway 43

October 14, 2015- A multiple vehicle collision caused by a dust storm, occurred on Wednesday, in Fresno County, at around 3:40 PM.  The accident occurred between a school bus and three other vehicle, on Highway 43, near Laton.

Fatal Drunk Driving Car Collision on Highway 43, in Tulare County

Central California Car Collision Attorney John L. Rozier has the following report; On Sunday December 28, 2014, a head-on vehicle accident ends in fatality, in Tulare County.  The DUI car collision happened near Delano on Highway 43, at approximately 2:25 AM.

A 22 year old female driver, Otilia Pineda, of Allensworth, was traveling in a 2003 GMC truck.  She was driving northbound on Highway 43, when the pickup drove into the oncoming traffic in the southbound lanes, south of Avenue 16.

A 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale sedan, driven by a man in his 50's, was head south on the highway at the time the GMC came towards it.  The car tried to avoid the pickup truck by swerving onto the right shoulder of the road.  The vehicles collided head-on.

The Oldsmobile driver died at the scene of the accident.

Pineda, who had one prior for driving while intoxicated, and was on probation, fled the crash.  She was found by police at her house and was arrested.

Mr. Rozier is located right in Tulare County, and would like to speak to the family of the accident victim.  Please give him a call at 559-713-0159 or contact online at

Head-on Collision Ends in Fatality near Delano, in Tulare County

December 28, 2014- A vehicle accident ends fatally in southern Tulare County.  The head-on crash took place northwest of Delano, on Sunday, at about 2:25 AM.  Alcohol is reported to have possibly been a factor.Otilia Pineda, 22, of Allensworth, was driving a 2003 GMC pickup truck, north on Highway 43, south of Avenue 16.  The truck veered into the southbound lane of the highway, and into the path of a 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale.The male driver of the Oldsmobile swerved onto the right shoulder of the roadway, but was unable to avoid the collision.Pineda fled the scene of the crash, but authorities found and arrested her at her home a short time later.  Officers reported that she had one prior DUI and was on probation at the time of the accident.The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.  His name has not yet been released, but he is said to have been in his 50's.
Our condolences go out to the family, and friends of the victim.  Please let us help you during this trying time.  Attorney John Rozier, your lawyer for all wrongful deaths, and car accidents.  We serve all of Kern County, Tulare County, and Fresno County.  With our office located in Visalia, California. or contact us by phone at 559-713-0159.

Tractor-Trailer Accident on Highway 198 and 43 in Hanford

September 18, 2014- A big rig collision happened in Kings County, on Thursday.  The semi truck accident occurred on Highway 198, in Hanford, at approximately 5 PM.A tractor-trailer was traveling westbound on Highway 198, near the intersection of Highway 43.  The driver reportedly lost control of the semi, and the vehicle overturned.  The big rig blocked traffic on the highway intersection for hours while clean up was attempted.
overturned big rig highway 198 43 hanford crash kings county

The driver sustained minor injuries in the crash.
This accident requires much more investigation. Please let me help. Attorney JohnRozier of Visalia.  Your lawyer for car accidents, elder maltreatment, and personal injuries.  I am located on Caldwell Ave, in Tulare County. or call me at 559-713-0159.

February 17 Highway 43 accident near Hanford

On February 17 there was an accident between a big rig and a car on Highway 43 near Hanford. The accident caused southbound Highway 43 to be closed for about 3 hours while crews cleared the road. The big rig overturned as a result of the accident, dumping orange pulp all over the road. There were no injuries reported. /

Foggy road near Delano leads to wrongful death of Wasco man

February 2, 2010--According to the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, Tuesday's fatal crash between a truck and a big rig took place in heavy tule fog near Delano.  The decedent was identified as 34 year old Moises Vargas Gonzalez of Wasco.  He was driving northbound on Highway 43 when a big rig driven by Casimiro Casares made a left turn in front of him.This is very similar to another case handled by our office where we were able to collect a substantial settlement from the left turning truck in a fog accident.  In that other case the police report also blamed the driver who had the right of way.  By looking at the black box data in the air bag module, and by hiring an accident engineer we found a bend in the road which contributed to the accident and otherwise were able to show that the tanker driver should not have made his turn at that location.If hired by the family of Moises Vargas Gonzalez we will do a similar investigation to see if shared liability can be shown.  Please call his family to offer our services.  /

Highway 43 accident in Kern County

December 21, 2009--Last Monday's accident between a small vehicle and a semi-truck took the life of one and injured 2 others.  The injured parties were transported to Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield.  The driver of the small vehicle was booked for DUI.  He was identified as David Lewis and he sustained serious injuries.  His passenger died.  The location of the accident was at the intersection of Highway 43 and Kimberlina Road near Bakersfield in Kern County.  The family of the deceased is requested to contact the law offices of Nelson and Rozier in Visalia for further investigation of this accident.  /

Kern County highway accidents

November 7, 2009--In light of the recent spate of fatal highway accidents on Blood Alley in Kern County, aka Highway 46, the Bakersfield Californian printed a review of fatalities on that road and elsewhere in the county for the past few years.Since 2004 on Highway 46 alone there have been 453 crashes with deaths occurring in 20 of the collisions.    That put Highway 46 in a tie with Highway 223 for the highest ratio of accidents.  Eight of the twenty fatal accidents occurred in a single year--2004.  Thirteen people died that year.  In October of this year there were 2 horrible accidents claiming 7 lives.  The stats on other Kern County highways are as follows:Highway 119:  636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223:  271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178:  456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184:  870 crashes, 9 fatal crashes
Highway 43:  335 crashes, 8 fatal crashes
Highway 65:  298 crashes, 5 fatal crashesSource:  CHPIf you would like a local law firm to investigate any recent crash, please call us at

Fatal Crashes in California

Crashes involving Fatalities
January 2004 to November 2009Highway 46: 453 crashes, 20 fatal crashes
Highway 119: 636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223: 271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178: 456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184: 870 crashes, nine fatal crashes
Highway 43: 335 crashes, eight fatal crashes
Highway 65: 298 crashes, five fatal crashes
Source: California Highway Patrol,
Highway 46 proportionally had the most fatalities compared to the total number of crashes in 2004-2009. If you have been involved in an accident on highway 46 please contact us at /.

Dangerous Intersection in Corcoran: Highway 43 and Whitley Ave.

There will be a town hall meeting tonight to discuss the intersection of Highway 43 and Whitley Avenue in Corcoran. This intersection is agreed to be very dangerous and is prone to accidents. The city of Corcoran would like to install stop lights. However, Caltrans says this interection does not meet the criteria for stop lights and would rather build a traffic circle. Some critics argue that a traffic circle would not help in foggy conditions. The meeting tonight will discuss this issue further. The meeting will be held at 6pm at the Corcoran City Council Chambers, 1015 Chittenden Ave.
If you have been involved in an accident at this intersection please contact us at /

Second crash in a week on Highway 46

October 28, 2009--Three people were killed Wednesday afternoon in a crash on Highway 46.  It was the second crash in less than a week on a section of roadway called Blood Alley.  The latest accident was 3 miles west of Wasco near Wildwood Road in Kern County.On Friday, three adults and a child were killed in a crash near Blackwell's Corner about a mile east of Highway 33.In the latest accident a Toyota was mangled in a clash with a 1-ton flatbed truck.  Once again a vehicle was attempting to pass when it was perhaps unsafe to do so.  This matter is still under investigation.  Once again the CHP claimed that bad driving and not a bad road is to blame.If you would like this matter to be investigated further, please contact Attorney John Rozier of Visalia.

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