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DUI Car Crash Ends in Fatality on Highway 99, near Bear Mountain Boulevard, in Bakersfield

July 20, 2016- A fatal drunk driving traffic collision took place in Bakersfield, on Wednesday.  The Kern County vehicle accident occurred on Highway 99, at Highway 223, at around 10:00 PM.

Kern County Automobile Collision Ends in Fatality, on Highway 223, in Arvin

Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno Collision Attorney John L. Rozier has the following accident report; On Saturday, June 20, 2015, two people were fatally wounded in a rollover vehicle collision, on Highway 223.  The Kern County automobile accident occurred in Arvin, at approximately 4:40 in the morning.A 22 year old female driver of a black Honda Accord, was headed west on Highway 223.  The Accord started to veer off the highway, near General Beale Road.  The car collided with a barbwire fence and then rolled over.The driver and a passenger, who was also 22 years old, were ejected from the Honda.  They were reported to have not been wearing their seat belts, when the accident happened.The two women died at the scene of the collision.  A third female in the automobile, suffered serious injuries.  She was taken to Kern Medical Center, in Bakersfield, for treatment.  Her condition is unknown.

Two Killed in Rollover Car Accident on Highway 223, in Arvin

June 20, 2015- Two people were killed in a Kern County car accident, that happened on Highway 223.  The automobile collision took place early Saturday, at about 4:40 AM, in Arvin.A black Honda Accord was driving westbound, near General Beale Road when it drifted off the highway.  The vehicle hit a barbwire fence and overturned.  The 22 year old female driver, and front passenger, who was also 22, were thrown from the Honda.It is reported that both women were not wearing safety restraints at the time of the crash.  They were pronounced dead at the scene.A third occupant in the vehicle sustained major injuries and was taken to Kern Medical Center, in Bakersfield.
This accident requires much more investigation. Please let me help. Attorney JohnRozier of Visalia.  Your lawyer for car accidents, elder maltreatment, and personal injuries.  I am located on Caldwell Ave, in Tulare County. or call me at 559-713-0159.

Highway 223 Semi Truck Accident Kills One, in Bakersfield

May 18, 2015- A big rig accident ends in fatality for a Bakersfield woman.  The Kern County semi truck collision took place on Highway 223, west of Arvin, on Monday morning.Blanca Guadalupe Lopez Lomeli, 51 years old, was traveling southbound, in a white, Toyota Camry, on South Edison Road.  It is reported that she failed to stop completely at the posted stop sign, before driving into the intersection at Highway 223.
bakersfield highway 223 edison road blanca lomeli fatality big rig accident

The Toyota drove directly into the path of a tractor-trailer, that was going 55 miles per hour on the highway, and carrying 79,780 lbs. of cement powder, on Bear Mountain Boulevard.Lomeli died at the scene of the crash.  The semi truck driver was not hurt.
Issues still remaining to be investigated include determining the speed of the big rig, whether road conditions may have contributed to this accident, and whether the facts of this accident as reported are accurate.  If you would like these issues investigated further then please call Attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159.

Motorcycle Crash Ends Fatally in Kern County

July 8, 2014- A motorcyclist was fatally wounded in a big rig collision, in Kern County on Tuesday.  The accident occurred near Arvin, south of Bakersfield.It is reported that a semi truck pulled out onto eastbound Highway 223, at Tower Line Road, into the path of a motorcyclist.  The biker had the right of way.
arvin motorcycle fatality highway 223 big rig crash tower line road kern county

The motorcyclist attempted to avoid the crash, but didn't in time, and crashed into the big rig.The bike rider was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.Fresno-Visalia-Bakersfield accident attorney, John Rozier.  Your lawyer for car crashes, wrongful deaths, elderly abuse at nursing homes, and personal injuries.  Our condolences go out to the families affected in this collision.  Please let us help you. or call me at 559-713-0159.

Kern County highway accidents

November 7, 2009--In light of the recent spate of fatal highway accidents on Blood Alley in Kern County, aka Highway 46, the Bakersfield Californian printed a review of fatalities on that road and elsewhere in the county for the past few years.Since 2004 on Highway 46 alone there have been 453 crashes with deaths occurring in 20 of the collisions.    That put Highway 46 in a tie with Highway 223 for the highest ratio of accidents.  Eight of the twenty fatal accidents occurred in a single year--2004.  Thirteen people died that year.  In October of this year there were 2 horrible accidents claiming 7 lives.  The stats on other Kern County highways are as follows:Highway 119:  636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223:  271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178:  456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184:  870 crashes, 9 fatal crashes
Highway 43:  335 crashes, 8 fatal crashes
Highway 65:  298 crashes, 5 fatal crashesSource:  CHPIf you would like a local law firm to investigate any recent crash, please call us at

Fatal Crashes in California

Crashes involving Fatalities
January 2004 to November 2009Highway 46: 453 crashes, 20 fatal crashes
Highway 119: 636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223: 271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178: 456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184: 870 crashes, nine fatal crashes
Highway 43: 335 crashes, eight fatal crashes
Highway 65: 298 crashes, five fatal crashes
Source: California Highway Patrol,
Highway 46 proportionally had the most fatalities compared to the total number of crashes in 2004-2009. If you have been involved in an accident on highway 46 please contact us at /.

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