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4-Vehicle Accident Caused by Fog, in Northwest Visalia, on Plaza Drive

January 27, 2019- A multiple vehicle crash occurred in northwest Visalia, on Sunday.  The Tulare County 4-car collision happened on Plaza Drive during the morning hours.  Inclement weather was said to have played a part in the accident.

Fog-Related Head-on SUV Collision on Shaffer Road, ends Fatally, near Atwater

On Thursday, January 10, 2019, a head-on vehicle accident ended fatally, north of Atwater.  The Merced County fog-related auto collision happened on Shaffer Road, at around 6:00 AM.

Dense Fog Caused 20 Car Accidents on Highway 198, Between Lemoore and Hanford

Tulare, Kings, Kern, and Fresno County Collision Lawyer John L. Rozier has the following accident report; On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, forty two cars were involved in 20 separate crashes near Hanford.  The multiple vehicle accidents took place on Highway 198 east, as a result of dense fog, at around 7:45 AM.

The first collision occurred on the eastbound freeway near 14th Avenue, between Lemoore and Hanford.  The CHP reported that visibility was at 600-1,200 feet at the time of the accidents.

highway 198 foggy 20 car crash hanford lemoore 14th avenue

Five or more people were hurt.  Their injuries ranged from minor to moderate.  All were taken for treatment to the hospital.

Please give Mr. Rozier a call at 559-713-0159.  He specializes in fog-related automobile accidents.  Let him help you in your time of need.

Fresno County Multi-Car Collision, near Parlier Caused by Wrong-Way Driver

On Thursday, February 12, 2015, foggy weather contributed to a multi-vehicle accident near Parlier.  The Fresno County 4-car pileup was caused by wrong-way driver, at Manning and Riverbend avenues, at around 6:30 AM.The California Highway Patrol reported that one driver was traveling eastbound in the opposite lanes of traffic on Manning Avenue.  The crash hurt at least two people.  Those injured were taken to a local hospital.Officers reported that the fog could have been a factor in the collision.
If you need a lawyer please call Attorney John Rozier, your personal injury specialist handling all types of crashes, including those that are fog-related.  I am located in Visalia on Caldwell Avenue.  559-713-0159, or contact online

Kings County Multiple Automobile Crashes on Highway 198 Caused by Fog

February 3, 2015- Multiple vehicle collisions occurred near Hanford as a result of early morning fog, on Tuesday.  The Kings County car accidents all happened on Highway 198, with the first crash near 14th Avenue, at about 7:45 AM.The automobiles collisions that happened on the eastbound highway, between Lemoore and Hanford, were all fog-related, according to the California Highway Patrol.  At the time of the twenty crashes, that involved at least 42 vehicles, visibility was at 600 to 1200 feet.
kings county hanford twenty car crashes highway 198 fog related

At least five people were injured in the incidents.  The victims injuries were from minor to moderate.  They were taken to the hospital for treatment of their wounds.Please give me a call if you need legal representation or a consultation. Attorney John Rozier.  I specialize in personal injury cases that have resulted from vehicle accidents. or call us at 559-713-0159.My firm is located in Visalia, on Caldwell Ave.

Wrong Way Driver on Manning Avenue, near Parlier, Led to Multi-Car Crash

On Thursday, February 12, 2015, a multi-car accident took place near Parlier.  The fog-related vehicle collision occurred at about 6:30 AM, in Fresno County.One driver was said to have been traveling the wrong way in the westbound lanes on Manning Avenue, when the crash happened.  The accident occurred at Manning and Riverbend avenues.At least two victims were hurt and taken to the hospital.It is reported that the foggy weather was a factor in the collision.
The police report of this accident will be probably be ready in a week or two.  If you would like us to start investigating this accident--please call.  We can come to you. or give me a call at 559-713-0159.  Attorney John Rozier of Visalia.

Car Driving Wrong-way Led to Multiple Vehicle Accident in Fresno County

February 12, 2015- Two people were hurt in a multi-vehicle collision, in Fresno County.  The 4-car accident happened near Parlier, at about 6:30 AM.The automobile crash occurred at Manning and Riverbend avenues.  One driver was reported to have been driving east in the westbound lanes of Manning Avenue.At least two people sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital.The weather at the time of the incident was very foggy.  This could have contributed to the collision.No other information is available at this time.The law offices of Nelson and Rozier are located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in Visalia. Our attorneys specialize infog-related accidents. If you would like experienced and reliable representation for your fog-related accident please contact us or call Attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159.

Highway 198 Fog-Related Vehicle Collisions Between Lemoore and Hanford

A total of twenty automobile collisions took place in Kings County, on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  The vehicle accidents all happened on eastbound Highway 198, and involved at least 42 cars,  The first crash began at approximately 7:45 AM, near 14th Avenue, between Hanford and Lemoore.The CHP said that the collisions were all fog-related.  Visibility at the time of the wrecks was at 600-1200 feet.
kings county hanford highway 198 20 vehicle crash fog lemoore

It has been reported that five or more people were hurt.  Their injuries ranged from minor to moderate.  The victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.Please call us this afternoon to preserve evidence of these accidents.  Mr. Rozier is a lawyer that specializes in fog-related vehicle collisions, and personal injuries.  559-713-0159 or online at

Foggy Weather Causes 20 Car Accidents on Highway 198 near Hanford

February 3, 2015- Twenty car collisions, involving 42 vehicles were caused by low visibility because of fog, on Highway 198.  The Kings County crashes happened near Hanford, on Tuesday, starting at about 7:45 AM.The four-mile stretch of the eastbound Highway 198, between Lemoore and Hanford was the area of the incidents, which started near 14th Avenue.
hanford highway 198 vehicle crashes 20 car accidents foggy weather

Officers reported that at the time of the collisions motorists could only see between 600 and 1,200 feet in front of their automobiles.At least five people were hurt, with injuries ranging from minor to moderate.  They were taken to the hospital for treatment.
If you need a lawyer please call Attorney John Rozier, your personal injury specialist handling all types of crashes.  I specialize in fog-related collisions.  I am located in Visalia, east of Hanford, with an office on Caldwell Ave 559-713-0159.

Fresno County Chain-Reaction Semi Truck Crash, on Highway 41, Ends in Fatality

January 28, 2015- A two semi truck collision caused chain reaction of accidents, in Fresno County, on Wednesday.  The big rig crash killed one driver and left others injured on Highway 41, at about 3 AM. A Foster Farms poultry truck, carrying chickens, had pulled off to the side of Highway 41, on the northbound freeway, north of Central Avenue.  The driver of the big rig, from Livingston, was out of the cab, when a tanker truck, driven by Brandon Russell, 33, of Visalia. crashed into it.

Multi-Vehicle Crash West of Visalia, on Highway 198

Visalia Collision Attorney John Rozier has the following report; On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, a 3-vehicle pileup occurred on Highway 198 and Road 64, near Highway 99.  The multi-car accident happened in Tulare County, at about 9:25 AM, as a result of low visibility from the fog.A semi truck, driven by Steve L. Frisby, of Visalia, turned from Road 64 onto the highway.  At the same time a red Lincoln MKZ, traveling in the slow lane on Hwy 198, was headed towards the big rig.As the tractor-trailer turned into the intersection, the Lincoln, driven by Claudia De Esquivel, hit the back of the vehicle.  De Esquivel had attempted to stop before the crash, but was unable to.Cheriee Brown was driving a gray 2008 Acura car when she smashed into the back of the Lincoln.  The impact pushed the MKZ under the semi truck.Brown and De Esquivel suffered moderate injuries.  They were taken for treatment, to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, in Visalia.Frisby wasn't hurt in the collision.Officers reported that the foggy weather played a part in the incident.Mr. Rozier is located right here in Visalia and would like to speak to those involved in the accident.  Please give him a call at 559-713-0159 or contact at

Tulare County Multiple Vehicle Accident on Highway 198, near Visalia

January 14, 2015- A three-vehicle collision caused by fog, took place on Highway 198, on Wednesday.  The big rig accident happened west of Visalia, in Tulare County, at approximately 9:25 AM.Steve L. Frisby, of Visalia, was driving his tractor-trailer on Road 64, when he attempt to turn onto the highway.  There was low visibility as a result of the fog, and Frisby did not see an automobile headed towards him, in the slow lane.The semi truck pulled out into the intersection, and the red Lincoln MKZ, driven by Claudia De Esquivel, crashed into it.  De Esquivel tried to stop in time, but was unable to avoid the collision.  The Lincoln hit the back of the big rig.A grey 2008 Acura, driven by Cheriee Brown, was following behind the Lincoln when the initial crash happened.  The Acura collided into the back of the first auto and pinned it under the semi truck.Both women sustained moderate injuries and were taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center.Frisby was not injured in the incident.
Fresno-Visalia-Bakersfield accident attorney, John Rozier.  Your lawyer for car crashes, wrongful deaths and personal injuries.  Big rig collisions, tankers, semitrucks.  Fog, dust storms, downed or blocked stop signs. or call me at 559-713-0159.

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