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January 23 wrongful death Fresno fog accident

On January 23 Miguel Gaona died in a fog accident in Fresno. According to reports Gaona was driving near the intersection of North Veterans Avenue and North Hayes Avenue south of Herndon  Avenue in heavy fog when his vehicle hit a brick wall. Gaona was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. No further details are available at this time.

January 24 Fresno County fog accident near Reedley on Manning Avenue

On January 24 there was a fog accident involving a big rig and a pickup truck near Reedley on Manning Avenue. According to reports the pickup truck and the big rig crashed and ended up down an embankment near the intersection of Manning and Lac Jac Avenues. Due to foggy conditions, visibility at the time of the accident was reported to be around 300 feet. The driver of the pickup truck was taken to Community Regional Medical Center to be treated for unknown injuries. Later  in the day four separate, reportedly unrelated, chain-reaction accidents happened near the same intersection.

December 7 Fresno County fog-related accident

On the morning of December 7 there was an accident related to the fog that involved a big rig and three other vehicles in Fresno County. According to reports the big rig was westbound on Manning Avenue when it stopped at McMullen Grade. The big rig then continued into the intersection. At the same time a van that was traveling north on McMullen Grade and hit the big rig. Later another northbound car came out of the fog on McMullen and hit the big rig.  Finally a third vehicle which was southbound hit the big rig. Due to fog, visibility in the area was around 200 feet. The vehicles involved in the accident were most likely traveling a speed that was not appropriate for the weather conditions.  One person was hospitalized with moderate injuries as a result of this accident.
This law firm would like to remind all drivers to take the necessary precautions when driving in foggy weather. Always travel at a speed in which you can stop your vehicle within your range of visibility if necessary. This will prevent pileup accidents from occurring. Also, drive with the windows down in order to hear any accidents that may have happened ahead of you on the roadway.

Thanksgiving Fog rolls in for Central Valley

November 24, 2010--Just in time for Thanksgiving, fog is expected to roll in throughout California's Central Valley.  Driving conditions will be hazardous from Fresno to Bakersfield and beyond with chains required in the mountain areas.  Please drive slowly.

Fog Warning

Now that winter is coming up quickly, fog season is beginning as well. There will inevitably be many fog-related accidents this year. Tragically, most of these accidents are completely avoidable if motorists were to drive with the proper precautions. Drivers are reminded to drive at appropriate speeds depending on the weather, to keep a safe following distance between them and the vehicle ahead of them, and to drive with the windows down during especially bad fog in order to hear any traffic incidents ahead especially in rural areas where the fog can be thicker. By taking these simple precautions, all motorists can travel safely through fog season in the Central Valley.

Grimmway Farms accident on Highway 119 in Bakersfield, Kern County

February 18, 2010--Thursday's fatal accident near Bakersfield in Kern County involved a Grimmway Farms carrot truck which was hit by a pick-up truck in the fog on Highway 119 also known as Taft Highway.  The victim has yet to be identified.The initial photographs of the wreckage show very few reflectors on the carrot truck, an issue which should be fully investigated.  Please call us today.  559-713-0159.  /

Fog accident in Bakersfield kills truck driver

February 18, 2010--According to the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, last Thursday's wrongful death accident in Bakersfield involved a carrot truck driven by Jose Mascareno, age 43 of Bakersfield.  It was struck by a pick-up and both vehicles burst into flames.  Fog was a contributing factor.  The big rig accident scene was at Interstate 5 and Taft Highway.Further investigation is required to determine if the big rig driver shares liability for the death.  Each vehicle's event data recorders can be downloaded to determine speeds, etc.  This needs to be done before the vehicles are repaired or junked.  We recently handled a similar accident where a milk tanker turned in front of a truck injuring every member of a family from Selma.  We were able to recover several hundred thousand dollars for our clients even though the police report blamed them for the accident.  They truly were not the sole cause of their accident.  Please call us on Monday  559-713-0159--our offices are located about an hour from the scene of this accident and we can come to you for a free consultation.  Attorney John Rozier./

February 18 fog accident near Caruthers

On February 18 there was a fog related accident on Conejo Avenue near Caruthers. The accident occurred at on Conejo Avenue at West Avenue between two vehicles. The vehicles were blocking the road for a period of time. Drivers are cautioned to always adjust their speeds for the weather in order to ensure the safest driving conditions. /

February 18 head-on collision on Avenue 6 near Madera

On February 18 two cars were involved in a head-on collision on Avenue 6 near Madera. Reportedly the accident was due to the fog. There were only minor injuries as a result of the accident. Motorists are cautioned to drive extra slowly and avoid sudden moves when driving in the fog. /

January 15 fog accidents in Fresno area

On January 15 there were several accidents related to the fog in the Fresno area. At Highway 145 and Shaw Avenue a motorcycle and a car were involved in a crash around 5:30 am. Visibility was down to just 600 feet at that time. The motorcyclist was taken to Community Regional Medical Center.Another fog-related crash near Highway 152 and Road 9 near Madera. This crash involved a big rig and at least one other vehicle. The fast lane of Highway 152 was blocked for awhile due to the accident.The law offices of Nelson and Rozier are located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in Visalia. Our attorneys specialize in fog-related accidents. If you would like experienced and reliable representation for your fog-related accident please contact us at / or call attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159.

Severe fog causes accident on Highway 180 near Kerman and on Highway 99 near Avenue 368

On December 16 Highway 180 mear Madera Avenue in Kerman was blocked due to a fog-related accident. The CHP also reported an accident between a pickup and a big rig on Highway 99 near Avenue 368 that was due to the fog. Several Valley school districts were on foggy day schedules and the CHP is pacing traffic in various areas of the Valley. Visibility was reported to be less than 200 feet on Highway 198 in Hanford and less than 500 feet from Tulare to Kingsburg. Motorists are cautioned to drive at speeds appropriate for the conditions to avoid further incidents.

Foggy conditions throughout the Valley December 15

Many areas of the Valley reported foggy conditions this morning, December 15. School districts across the Valley that opted for a foggy day schedule are Central Unified, Caruthers, Alvina, Monroe, Pixley Union, Raisin City, and Tipton Elementary. Conditions were bad enough for the CHP to pace traffic along highway 41 between Elkhorn and Excelsior Avenues. Visibility in that area was reported to be around 100 feet. Traffic was also being paced on Highway 198 from 18th Avenue to Avenal. Dense fog has also been reported on Highway 99 between Delano and Tulare. Foggy conditions are the cause for many accidents throughout the Valley each year. Motorists are cautioned to drive at speeds appropriate for the conditions and be aware of road conditions before leaving home in order to allow adequate time for travel. /

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