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April 5 fatal accident on Highway 46 kills three

On April 5 three people were killed in a wrongful death accident on Highway 46 near Lost Hills. The accident was a head-on collision between a van and a Jeep Cherokee. Three people were pinned in the vehicles and were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Two other people were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. There was a small fire in the van which firefighter crews attended to. The stretch of highway was closed for about four hours after the accident. This stretch of highway has been given the nick name Blood Alley due to the high number of fatal crashes that occur here. /

Blood Alley deaths on Highway 46

April 5, 2010--Monday's 3 deaths on Highway 46 in Kern County occurred along what has become known as Blood Alley.  A van and a Jeep Cherokee had a head-on collision 2 miles west of Lost Hills between Brown Material Road and Lost Hills Road.  In addition to the three killed, 2 others were injured.This blog has documented several other Highway 46 accidents in the past year.  If you would like us to investigate your accident, please call before the vehicles are destroyed.  The event data recorders can be downloaded to determine pre-accident speeds, etc.  /

Highway 46--Blood Alley upgrade

November 7, 2009--According to the Bakersfield Californian, a section of Highway 46 in Kern County will soon become a 4 lane expressway.  The bad reputation of this roadway dates back to the death of Michelle Phillips in 1999, or even back to the death of actor James Dean in 1955. The Highway 46 widening project will be done in stages.  A ground breaking ceremony will occur on Tuesday at the Lost Hills Park with construction set to begin on November 16, 2009.  The plan is to provide a generous median strip to buffer the opposing lanes of traffic.  However, a similar upgrade to Highway 41 east of Selma resulted in a post-construction fatality when a second stop sign was not provided to force crossing traffic to cross the expressway in 2 stages.  It is our contention that the wide median in that case in part caused another accident and that state design manuals mandated a second stop sign.  Suit was filed in that action by Attorney John Rozier of the law firm of Nelson & Rozier in Visalia in the past couple of months.  Discovery will soon be initiated including the depositions of CHP and Cal Trans personnel.

Kern County highway accidents

November 7, 2009--In light of the recent spate of fatal highway accidents on Blood Alley in Kern County, aka Highway 46, the Bakersfield Californian printed a review of fatalities on that road and elsewhere in the county for the past few years.Since 2004 on Highway 46 alone there have been 453 crashes with deaths occurring in 20 of the collisions.    That put Highway 46 in a tie with Highway 223 for the highest ratio of accidents.  Eight of the twenty fatal accidents occurred in a single year--2004.  Thirteen people died that year.  In October of this year there were 2 horrible accidents claiming 7 lives.  The stats on other Kern County highways are as follows:Highway 119:  636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223:  271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178:  456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184:  870 crashes, 9 fatal crashes
Highway 43:  335 crashes, 8 fatal crashes
Highway 65:  298 crashes, 5 fatal crashesSource:  CHPIf you would like a local law firm to investigate any recent crash, please call us at

Fatal Crashes in California

Crashes involving Fatalities
January 2004 to November 2009Highway 46: 453 crashes, 20 fatal crashes
Highway 119: 636 crashes, 16 fatal crashes
Highway 223: 271 crashes, 12 fatal crashes
Highway 178: 456 crashes, 11 fatal crashes
Highway 184: 870 crashes, nine fatal crashes
Highway 43: 335 crashes, eight fatal crashes
Highway 65: 298 crashes, five fatal crashes
Source: California Highway Patrol,
Highway 46 proportionally had the most fatalities compared to the total number of crashes in 2004-2009. If you have been involved in an accident on highway 46 please contact us at /.

Dangerous Stretch of highway 46 (Blood Alley) in Kern County to be widened

Next week the ground breaking will take place to widen Highway 46 in Kern County from San Luis Obispo County Line to Brown Material Road near Lost Hills. It has taken over 10 years to get the funding together for this project. Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter has been behind this project since a brutal high-profile accident occurred on this route in 1999. A combination of federal and state funding has been brought together to finally make this project a reality. The road will expand from 2 lanes to 4 with a generous median in between. There is a long history of accidents on this stretch of road sometimes referred to as "Blood Alley." The 2 most recent occuring October 23 and 28 killing 4 and 3 people respectively. If you have been involved in an accident on Highway 46 please contact us for a free consultation at /.

Blood Alley overview--Highway 46

November 2, 2009--Two recent crashes on Highway 46 killed 6 adults and an infant.  Last Wednesday three 19 year olds from the Bay Area and Southern California--Driver Steven Dub and passengers Kayla Shepard and Hilary-Kendall Fix--were killed on Highway 46 near Wasco when their Toyota Corolla collided head-on with a truck after a failed high-speed passing attempt.  Five days earlier on October 23, Shirlene Ann Soto, 62 and Walter Earl Elliott, 84, both of Los Osos, died when their Prius smashed head-on into a Chevy Cavalier that was trying to pass two trucks on Highway 46 near Highway 33.  The driver of the Cavalier, Jose Alberto Sanchez, 25 of Avenal, and 1 year old Nathaniel Sanchez were also killed.A 25 year old female passenger was taken to Kern Medical Center with major injuries.  Ironically, the accidents arrive just before a groundbreaking ceremony planned for November 10 that will mark the beginning of an expansion project from 2 lanes to 4 lanes.  The construction plans were sparked by a major automobile accident on Highway 46 in 1999 involving a Bakersfield woman.  The family ultimately sued the state alleging a dangerous condition of public property and the State settled for $4 million in 2001.Despite the number of fatal accidents along Highway 46, officials still debate how deadly it really is.  Lw Enforcement officials have maintained that motorists are causing these accidents.  The speed limit is 55 mph and there have been many times the average speed was 70 mph.  Some claim the road's design makes people impatient.The issues to review after a tragic accident such as these include:   availability of insurance coverage or assets on behalf of the party who began passing, whether other vehicles were speeding and thus closing the distance too fast, the availability of uninsured motorist coverage, any slopes or curves in the roadway, and the accident history of the road to show knowledge of its dangerous propensities.  To explore these issues further, please give us a call.       john rozier    559-713-0159

Highway 46/Blood Alley Fatal Accidents October 23 and October 28

On October 28 there was a deadly crash on Highway 46 also known as Blood Alley. This was the second fatal crash in a week's time. The crash on October 28 was east of Wasco near Wildwood Road. The crash occurred when a car was trying to pass others on a two-lane stretch of road. Passing on a two-lane road can be very dangerous if there is not proper visibility. In this instance a Toyota with 3 people was trying to pass a motor home. When the driver of the Toyota realized he did not have enough room to pass it was too late. The Toyota tried to get back into the right lane, but it instead hit a flat bed truck when it lost control. Officers claim that unsafe driving practices, rather than road conditions were to blame for the crash. The 19-year-old male driver of the Toyota and two female passengers were killed. The driver of the flat bad truck was treated for moderate injuries.Previously, on October 23 there was a similar accident also on Highway 46. This accident occurred east of Highway 33, near Blackwell's Corner. Once again a car was attempting to pass another on a two-lane stretch of road. A Chevrolet with a man, woman, and infant tried to pass several trucks. The Chevrolet struck a Toyota Prius with two people. The man in the Chevrolet and the infant passenger were killed along with a man and woman in the Prius.While both accidents are considered tragic, officers have stated that unsafe driving, not road conditions, was to blame for both accidents. If you or a friend or family member were involved in either of these accidents please contact us for a free consultation. /

Second crash in a week on Highway 46

October 28, 2009--Three people were killed Wednesday afternoon in a crash on Highway 46.  It was the second crash in less than a week on a section of roadway called Blood Alley.  The latest accident was 3 miles west of Wasco near Wildwood Road in Kern County.On Friday, three adults and a child were killed in a crash near Blackwell's Corner about a mile east of Highway 33.In the latest accident a Toyota was mangled in a clash with a 1-ton flatbed truck.  Once again a vehicle was attempting to pass when it was perhaps unsafe to do so.  This matter is still under investigation.  Once again the CHP claimed that bad driving and not a bad road is to blame.If you would like this matter to be investigated further, please contact Attorney John Rozier of Visalia.

Blood Alley Victims Identified

October 23, 2009--The victims of Friday's fatal accident on Highway 46 near Lost Hills have been identified.  The occupants of the westbound Prius were Shirlene Ann Soto, age 62 and Walter Earl Elliott, age 84, both of Los Osos.  Those who died in the Chevy Cavalier were 25 year old Jose Alberto Sanchez and 1 year old Nathaniel Sanchez.  The female occupant of their vehicle was air lifted to Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield.

Highway 46 Crash near Lost Hills

October 23, 2009--Another Highway 46 fatality occurred Friday which took the lives of a baby and 3 adults.  A blue Chevy Cavalier was passing 2 big rigs when it ran out of room and swerved to the shoulder just as a Toyota Prius also headed for the dirt.  A major head-on collision resulted.10 years ago a Toyota Lexus hydroplaned in the rain on Highway 46 and veered into oncoming traffic.  6 deaths and other major injuries resulted.  The driver of the Lexus had been heading to the family cabin in Cambria and that particular stretch of roadway was slanted such that water pooled and thereby contributed to the accident.  The law firm of Nelson & Rozier was able to establish that Cal Trans knew of the roadway defect and cause them to contribute to settlement.  This came only after extensive records were produced by Cal Trans at their regional construction offices in San Luis Obispo.  If you would like us to investigate this accident please call Attorney John Rozier at 559-713-0159.

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