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Teen Bicyclist Killed in Accident on Avenue 256, Southeast of Terra Bella

October 24, 2018- A bicycle collision ended in fatality, southeast of Terra Bella, on Wednesday.  The Tulare County automobile accident happened on Road 256, at about 3:15 PM.

Pickup Truck and Automobile Collide near Terra Bella, at Road 224 and Avenue 88

May 6, 2015- A vehicle accident near Terra Bella injured two people, on Wednesday morning.  The Tulare County pickup truck collision happened at Avenue 88 and Road 224, south of Porterville.A Terra Bella man, 64 years old, was driving a Honda Civic westbound on Avenue 88.  The driver came to a stop at the posted stop sign, and then drove the car into the intersection at Road 224.The Honda was hit by a Ford F-250 pickup that was driven by a 36 year old man.  The Ford truck had been traveling northbound on Road 224 at the time of the crash.  The impact caused the pickup to drive into a dirt field and overturn.A Porterville man, 22, who was a passenger in the Ford, was thrown from the vehicle.The two victims in the F-250 truck suffered moderate injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment.  The Honda Civic driver, and his two passenger were uninjured in collision.
Attorney John Rozier is your personal injury lawyer.  I am here to help you with all the legal needs that may arise from this collision. Please give me a call 559-713-0159, or online at I am located in Visalia, northwest of  Terra Bella.

Tulare County Vehicle Collision on Avenue 88 & Road 224, near Terra Bella

San Joaquin Valley Automobile Accident Lawyer John Rozier has the following update; On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, a pickup truck collision left two injured.  The Tulare County vehicle crash occurred near Terra Bella during the morning hours.A Honda Civic, driven by a Terra Bella man, 64, was traveling west on Avenue 88.  The driver stopped at the stop sign that was posted at the intersection of Road 224.  The Honda then drove into the intersection, and was hit by a Ford F-250 truck that was driving north on Road 224.A 36 year old Terra Bella man was the driver of the pickup truck .  The pickup swerved into a dirt field, upon impact with the Civic, and rolled over onto its roof.  The passenger, a 22 year old Porterville man, was ejected from the truck.  While the driver had to be rescued from the vehicle by emergency crews.The two victims in the Ford sustained moderate injuries.  They were taken by ambulance to the hospital.The other driver, and his two passengers were not hurt in the incident.
The law offices of Nelson and Rozier are located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, in Visalia. Our attorneys specialize in automobile collisions and personal injuries. If you would like experienced and reliable representation for your accident please contact us at or call Attorney JohnRozier at 559-713-0159.

Automobile Accident near Terra Bella, on Avenue 88 and Road 224

May 6, 2015- Two people were hurt in a truck collision in Tulare County.  The vehicle accident happened on Wednesday morning, near Terra Bella.A 64 year old Terra Bella man was driving a Honda Civic westbound on Avenue 88.  At the intersection of Avenue 88 and Road 224, the Civic stopped at the posted stop sign.  The Honda then drove into the intersection, directly in the path of a Ford F-250 pickup truck that was northbound on Road 224.The Ford, which was driven by a 36 year old Terra Bella man, and had a 22 year old Porterville man as a passenger, swerved out of control from the impact of the crash.  It veered into a dirt field and overturned onto the roof.The pickup's cab was reported to have collapsed and the driver had to be extracted by emergency personnel.  The passenger, who had not been wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident, was thrown from the vehicle.Both victims in the Ford suffered moderate injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment.The Honda driver and his two passengers were unharmed.
I am a personal injury lawyer, in Visalia, California, located on Caldwell Avenue,just miles from Terra Bella. Ready to meet all your legal needs. Please give me a call.Attorney John Rozier  559-713-0159 or online at

Driver Hits Power Pole and is Stuck in Car Over an Hour

August 26, 2011- A man crashed into a power pole northeast of Pixley, about 35 minutes from Visalia, on Friday evening. The driver was trapped in his car, for over an hour, because of downed electrical lines, until the electricity could be turned off.The crash was reported at 6:51 PM, to the Highway Patrol. The CHP has reported that the driver of a Hyundai sedan slammed into a power pole along Avenue 88, east of Road 140. He hit the pole with enough force to shear the pole in two.The vehicle came to a stop at the edge of a corn field, with the live power lines on the ground around it. Reportedly the driver was unconscious when emergency personnel first arrived, but then regained consciousness a little while later.Officers said that the driver was the only person involved in the accident. He was not endangered by the power lines, but firefighters couldn’t get near the car, until the power lines were turned off, due to the threat of electrocution.The driver and fire crew had to wait about an hour before a utility crew arrived and cut power to the lines. After that the man, in the car, was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, with moderate injuries.If you need legal advice or representation for this accident, please give me a call. Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159.

Truck accident at Road 356 and Avenue 88

June 22, 2010--Yesterday's crash between a big rig and a truck occurred near Terra Bella in Tulare County at the intersection of Road 356 and Avenue 88.  At least one victim was airlifted to the hospital.The incident report for this accident may not be available for several weeks.  Please call if you would like us to begin investigating this accident.

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