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Dogs from November 3 pit bull attack in Bakersfield being put down

On November 3 Steven Herrera was brutally mauled by three pit bulls in east Bakersfield. The attack was caught on tape and the dogs were later impounded. The owner of the dogs, Salvador Romero, did not have the money to get the dogs back. Because of the nature of the attack, the dogs are not being put up for adoption, but are rather being euthanized. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog please contact us at /.

November 3 Crash Victim Identified as David Flusser

The Porterville man who died in an accident November 3 on Highway 65 has been identified as David Flusser. Flusser was driving a Chrysler Town and Country van when he hit a truck head-on. The truck was driven by Valcyro Yamashito of Utah. It has been determined that the accident was caused when Flusser made an unsafe turn and entered Yamashito's lane. Flusser was pronounced dead at the scene. Yamashito suffered no injuries.

November 3 Pit Bull Attack in East Bakersfield

On the afternoon of November 3 Steven Herrera was mauled by 3 pit bulls in east Bakersfield. Andy Casteneda, a witness to the attack, stated that he could hear Herrera screaming from four houses down. Casteneda went to help Herrera with only a wooden cane as a weapon. He stated that the biggest of the three dogs was "chewing the man's arm off." He also said that the two female dogs were on Herrera's legs.Other neighbors heard Herrera's cries but were hesitant to help. It was the 69-year-old Casteneda who came to the rescue, using his cane to beat the off of Herrera long enough for him to run to safety. Another witness, Damon Hill, said he though Herrera would have probably been killed had no one gone to help him. According to City Animal Control Field Supervisor, Tammy Davis, the dogs belonged to the victim's brother. The brother's had met up earlier in the day and the dogs were not friendly towards Herrera. Herrera does not visit often and the dogs were unfamiliar with him. Herrera arrived at the home before his brother arrived home and proceeded inside the gate, despite the "Beware of Dog" sign. Herrera was taken to Kern Medical Center to treat his wounds. He was listed in fair condition. The dogs have been placed on quarantine for 10 days. The owner initially stated that he would not try to get the dogs back, but later stated he might return for the two pregnant famales. The dogs were not neutered, were unlicensed, and there was no record of them having received the proper rabies vaccinations. Since the dogs were on their property they will be returned to the owner, unless Herrera's wounds are deemed severe enough to warrant a vicious dog hearing. Davis has stated that "having access to dogs of such ferocity just by lifting a gate latch is a safety issue in the neighborhood."At Nelson, Rozier we have experience representing dog bite victims. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog attack please contact us at / for a free consultation.

November 3 Porterville Man Killed in Accident on Highway 65, Kern County near Merced Avenue

Tuesday night, November 3 a Porterville man was killed in a head-on collision on Highway 65 in Kern County. He was driving a Chrysler van north on Highway 65 near Merced Avenue around 11 pm Tuesday when he crossed into the southbound lanes and was hit by a semi truck and trailer. The accident caused the semi to overturn, but the driver, Valcyro Yamashita, was uninjured. The Porterville man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. /

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