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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Common hazards for motorcycle riders in California

If you own a motorcycle, you know how much fun it is to head out on the open road and enjoy a ride through beautiful California. You also know that there are dangers lurking at every turn. A motorcycle offers zero protection to the rider and can easily be destroyed in an accident. Today, we will examine the most common hazards for motorcycle riders.

7 steps to take when dealing with road rash

A serious motorcycle accident can lead to road rash. While it often occurs on the arms and legs, it can happen anywhere. When you hit the pavement and slide at high speeds, even if you do not suffer broken bones or other serious injuries, you can absolutely do significant harm to your skin.

Motorcycle pre-ride checklist to follow in California

Going for a ride on your motorcycle this weekend in Visalia? It's a good idea to conduct a pre-ride checklist of your bike, not just this weekend, but prior to every single ride you take. This checklist could very well wind up saving your life at one point or another based on any issues you find. Take a look at the list and make sure you inspect every aspect of your bike prior to every ride in California.

Hit-and-run claims 2 lives in Los Angeles motorcycle crash

From the open air of country roads to the joys of lane-splitting on a crowded freeway, motorcycles are a classic way to get around California. However, country roads can contain dangerous curves, and lane-splitting can result in deadly accidents.

Motorcyclist survives head-on collision with wrong-way driver

Motorcycles offer Californians a wide variety of benefits. All it takes for many to wish they were on two wheels instead of four is a few minutes stuck in a freeway jam or caught bumper-to-bumper in city traffic. Fuel efficiency and a thrilling ride round out the advantages of a bike.

Motorcyclist killed in possible DUI accident

California hosts a large number of America's motorcyclists, who use the vehicles to enjoy the countryside, avoid traffic or just get around. Although there are many advantages on a motorcycle, there are also many safety concerns because bikers are more vulnerable to injury or death in the case of a collision.

California motorcycle accident involved self-driving car

Motor vehicle accidents happen all the time in California. Anyone who has spent hours delayed in traffic because of a fender bender knows that. Many cars and trucks are built to prevent or mitigate injury to their occupants, but motorcycles offer no such protection to their riders.

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