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Truck Accidents Archives

2 injured in tractor-trailer accident on I-10

The size and strength of California's burgeoning economy depends on transportation. Although ships and trains handle a large share of the state's needs for goods and foodstuffs, tractor trailers and other heavy trucks take the lion's share of products to the consumers who need them.

Truck accident victim's family struggling to recover

A motor vehicle accident is always a bad surprise; no one can predict them, short of taking the normal precautions for safe driving. Millions of drivers on the roads and highways of California get to work and other destinations safely each day, but occasional accidents can happen -- and can cost people their lives.

Driver killed in truck collision in Santa Clarita

It is difficult to imagine a country without trucks. Semis and other heavy vehicles bring everything from produce to construction materials from ports and train depots to anywhere in California or elsewhere in the United States, so the regional and national economies depend on trucks as its circulatory system.

Rare truck accident claims life in California

California's successful economy relies heavily on its roads, supporting shipping to and from the state's ports and airports as well as carrying millions of people to work and play alike. There is perhaps no state with a greater breadth of vehicles on the roads, from sleek racing bikes in Long Beach to horses outside Barstow.

Driver killed in California truck crash

The strength and progress of California's economy depends on transportation, which floods the state's roads with perhaps the most diverse assortment of vehicles in the country. The safe conduct of these vehicles, their drivers, passengers and cargo depends on good infrastructure and attentive driving.

Factors that limit trucks' speed

The main factor that limits a semi's speed, of course, is the speed limit. If you drive down the interstate, you'll quickly see that trucks are often given a lower speed limit than passenger cars. Even though truck drivers are often paid by the mile and make more money by covering more ground, they have to go slower because such heavy vehicles are more dangerous in an accident.

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