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Premises Liability Archives

Premises liability may extend beyond premises in California

Accidents are hard to deal with when they throw surprises in front of well-made plans or simply the habits of healthy life. But it is even more difficult when the negligence of a business or property owner has caused a serious injury or illness.

Premises liability lawsuit aims to compensate injured caterer

Any business or institution that serves the general public has a responsibility to make customers and visitors feel welcome and safe. It is rare that a premises is the sight of an injury or other challenge to health, and California law protects victims of these incidents.

Your landlord has to provide a safe and habitable space

As the victim in a premises liability case, you're often most concerned with what happens to you away from home. Maybe a store owner didn't clean up a spill and you slipped and fell, or maybe a negligent homeowner down the street left ice on the sidewalks during a cold spell.

Woman sues bus company after fall from driver's acceleration

While the following story didn't occur here in Visalia or even in the state of California, it does represent an interesting legal point of view regarding slip and fall incidents. This story is from Palm Beach County, Florida, and it occurred on a bus.

Why slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time. That may seem like a silly proclamation to make, and you may even envision that a slip and fall accident isn't that big of a deal. Besides, you've fallen off your bike or tripped while walking down the street -- and in those cases, you may say, all you walked away with were a few scratches and a bruise.

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