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Watch out for daydreamers when you drive in California!

You can probably say a lot of nice things about living in California. You may also be one of many who grow frustrated in the traffic jams and busy roadway situations that are also typical aspects of the average lifestyle in this state. You may have little tricks that help you get where you're going on time, such as leaving before or after rush hours, taking back roads when possible or traveling by foot or bicycle from time to time.

Approaching an unfamiliar dog could put you at risk for injuries

As someone who loves animals, you may feel a great affinity for any dog you come across. To you, each animal may deserve love and attention, but you likely also know that approaching an unfamiliar dog could pose a considerable risk. Even if a dog seems friendly, it does not take much for a dog to become startled or fearful. In such cases, the animal could attack.

Victims of nursing home abuse have rights

Placing a loved in a nursing home can be a difficult decision for any California family. If your family finds it is necessary to move a family member to a full-time care facility, you do so with the expectation that he or she will receive care that meets a certain standard. It can be devastating to learn that he or she received substandard care and experienced pain and suffering.

Whiplash can be more than just a pain in your neck

Perhaps you sat at a stoplight waiting for it to turn green. You happened to look up into your rearview mirror and suddenly realized that the vehicle coming up behind you wasn't going to stop. Even as the vehicle approached, in the second or seconds before impact, you still hoped it would stop. You involuntarily braced for impact because you had no way to avoid it.

Stay focused on justice when distracted driving causes you injury

How many times have you seen someone looking down at a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle on a busy California roadway? It can be completely unsettling to notice a distracted driver in your own rear-view mirror, coming up full speed behind you as traffic in front of you is slowing. No matter how skilled, experienced and safe a driver you are, there's little you can do about another motorist's poor choices behind the wheel.

Don't slip up: why you need legal after a slip-and-fall accident

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen to anyone, and many times, these things happen because of a victim's clumsiness or reckless behavior. However, there are instances in which the victim is not at fault, and the slip-and-fall incident was the result of factors beyond his or her control. In these cases, who is financially liable for the victim's pain and suffering?

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