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Animal Attacks Archives

California leads the nation in an increase in dog bites

Most people enjoy having animals nearby. Furry friends of all sizes and statures make life better for families, people with disabilities and human beings in general. Domesticated animals generally have the training and experience to behave themselves around people, but attacks can happen if animals feel threatened or have mental health issues.

When dogs are dangerous or vicious in California

Dogs are well-known as "man's best friend," but there are times that the wild soul emerges and a canine can become a person's worst nightmare. Although attacks by domesticated dogs are rare, they can cause serious injury or even death if they involve a powerful or vicious animal.

False service animal trend may affect animal attacks

It is hard to imagine a beloved pet causing harm to a person. In California, most animal attacks are the result of wildlife getting close to populated areas as they expand into animal territories. Ask anyone who has heard the call of a coyote from a suburban porch.

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