Car accidents are one of the primary ways in which individuals get hurt in the United States. While many motorists are lucky enough to walk away from their crashes unscathed, countless others suffer serious, life-threatening injuries or die in them.

The chest and neck are two body parts that motorists often injure in car accidents.

Any blunt force trauma to the chest can cause a driver to suffer internal organ damage, a cardiac arrest, collapsed lungs, broken ribs or a fractured pelvis. The sudden jarring of motorist’s head and neck during a rear-end accident can leave them with damage to their ligaments and muscles. It’s even possible for a motorist to suffer temporary paralysis of their vocal cords in the aftermath of a crash.

Some of the most dangerous types of injuries that an individual may suffer when involved in a car accident include back or head injuries. These often result from high-impact crashes caused by speeding.

The worst type of back injury that an individual can suffer is a spinal cord one. The nerve damage that accompanies such an injury can impact a person’s ability to move their feet, arms, legs and hands voluntarily. It can affect their sensation in these body parts as well. Some individuals who suffer a spinal cord injury may be left with full paralysis.

Head injuries are often a sign that someone was struck at a high rate of speed. The impact of a crash often forces an individual’s head into a nearby window, steering wheel or dashboard. This sudden, forceful shifting of the brain within the skull often leaves motorists with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Concussions are a mild type of TBI. More serious ones can cause an individual to be left with profound cognitive difficulties.

Individuals who are seriously hurt in car crashes may be left with lasting impairments that affect their ability to work and enjoy the same quality of life that they previously had. They often don’t just need medical care immediately following an accident, but instead for the long term as well.

A car accidents attorney in Visalia can advise you of your right to recover compensation for you or your loved one’s injuries if they occurred as a result of another motorist’s negligence here in California.