While it may sound counterintuitive to read this, there are some individuals out there that argue that motorcycles may be safer than cars. There are many reasons that they give to substantiate their claim.

Motorists have been conditioned to believe that a car’s large, sturdy shell will provide them with an added degree of protection if they’re involved in a crash. While an automobile’s frame may create a buffer for any impact that comes their way, it also prevents them from being able to bop and weave in traffic. This is one of the benefits of being a motorcyclist. They can easily swoop in and out of tight spaces to avoid a crash.

Motorcyclists tend to be better motorists because they employ more defensive driving techniques than vehicle operators. Bikers essentially have no other choice but to operate their bikes this way. It seems that motorists often complain about not seeing them. This results in them coming too close for comfort. California motorcyclists often find themselves having to hurry and take evasive action to avoid being struck.

Some say that motorcyclists are also safer because they lack the many distractions that vehicle operators typically face. Bikers don’t have the shell of a vehicle and a windshield between them and others.

Since motorcyclists have to keep two hands on their bike to operate it, they’re not as easily able to use a cell phone or radio or eat. Since kids aren’t allowed on these bikes, there’s no potential for a motorcyclist to be distracted by them.

Although there are many benefits that motorcyclists enjoy that can keep them safe out on the road, they’re not always perfect motor vehicle operators. The drivers around them here in Visalia don’t drive flawlessly either.

Drunk, distracted, drowsy and other impaired drivers can come in all shapes and sizes. So too can reckless ones. Their vehicle operation is often unpredictable. It frequently injures or kills. A motorcycle accidents attorney with more than 40 years of combined experience can provide you with effective representation if you’ve been seriously hurt in a crash.