June 6, 2019- An SUV accident took place east of Hanford, on Thursday.  The semi truck collision happened on Highway 198, at around 11:00 AM.

A white Sport Utility Vehicle was driving on the State Route 198 freeway.  Near 6th Avenue, the SUV clipped the driver’s side bumper of a Kings County fire engine. 


The vehicle then lost control and hit a trailer on another auto.  The SUV then left the highway, crashed into a barbed-wire fence, and came to rest off the roadway.

The driver of the SUV suffered major injuries and was transported to Adventist Health hospital in Hanford.

An investigation is needed to determine whether the vehicle malfunctioned, or whether road conditions may have contributed to the accident. Please give the lawyers at Nelson & Rozier a call at 559-713-0159, or reach our firm online.