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Common hazards for motorcycle riders in California

If you own a motorcycle, you know how much fun it is to head out on the open road and enjoy a ride through beautiful California. You also know that there are dangers lurking at every turn. A motorcycle offers zero protection to the rider and can easily be destroyed in an accident. Today, we will examine the most common hazards for motorcycle riders.

Debris on the road is a big hazard for motorcyclists. Something as small as a piece of gravel could cause a motorcycle to spin out of control. Riders also have to deal with debris from accidents, roadkill, potholes, tree branches and a lot of other items that could throw a wrench into their plans.

Other drivers are an obvious hazard to motorcycles. Not all drivers will make a concerted effort to look for motorcycles before they turn, pull into intersections or merge onto highways.

Motorcycle riders also have to worry about animals. Dogs, cats, squirrels, bears, deer and other animals can run out in front of motorcyclists at any given time, leading to a very tragic ending. A bird can even fly into a biker's field of vision and cause a bad accident.

Motorcyclists driving on crowded city streets also have to be on the lookout for parked cars. Why? Drivers of these cars might fling their doors open without looking for pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcycles.

As you can see, motorcycle hazards are everywhere on the roads. You need to be on the lookout for them each time you go for a ride and know what it will take to maneuver your bike safely in an effort to avoid a crash.

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