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What causes most car crashes in California?

Car accidents happen every day, but they don't have to. Four of the five leading causes for car accidents in California can be prevented by responsible driving.

In the event of a crash, people who are injured through the fault of other drivers have the right to claim financial damages to help with recovery. An attorney can help victims and their families explore the related options.

How does reckless driving cause accidents?

Drivers who change lanes without turn signals, ignore traffic signals or otherwise ignore the rules of the road often put their cars in places where other drivers cannot expect. The California Driver Handbook outlines all the laws that drivers in the state are expected to know and follow.

How bad is speeding on the highway?

Speeding is illegal because drivers of most cars and trucks are more likely to lose control of their vehicles at higher speeds. Nearly 2.5 million Americans are injured or killed annually in car accidents, most of which involved at least one speeding vehicle.

What about the role of cellphones and other electronics?

Distracted drivers are worse drivers, injuring more than 420,000 people every year. This is often due to texting or talking on the phone, although eating or grooming while driving can also cause an accident.

What is the most dangerous cause of accidents?

The deadliest cause of crashes varies by state and county, but driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol will almost always cause some sort of accident. More than 10,000 people were killed in the United States in a recent year, translating to more than one drunk driving death every hour.

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