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Possible DUI collision injures 3 in Chico

It takes a lot of work from a lot of people to keep the roads of California safe. With the largest population of both people and motor vehicles in the nation, the Golden State has to enforce strict traffic laws to reduce injury and damage from motor vehicle accidents.

Many of these laws, from obeying traffic signals to avoiding excessive speed, address specific dangers. Hundreds of accidents occur every year due to speeding or a failure to stop properly, although most are minor collisions that cause little more than minor damage. Serious offenses, such as driving while drunk, can have far greater consequences.

A driver who ran a red light in Chico causing a multi-vehicle crash is under investigation for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A 30-year-old Willows man drove a minivan through a stoplight at speeds above 50 miles per hour according to witnesses.

Five cars were damaged and at least three drivers required ambulance transport to a local hospital. Chico police had to close the intersection of two major avenues for several hours after the collision to allow for a preliminary investigation and cleanup. At least two cars, passing through the intersection when the minivan hit them, were totaled in the incident as well.

Victims of motor vehicle collisions, including DUI incidents, have the right to claim financial damages in civil court. This can include reimbursement for medical expenses and other related costs, compensation for pain or emotional distress and the legal fees connected with the case.

An attorney can help assemble the case and press it forward toward settlement, jury verdicts or other favorable outcomes. Accidents can interrupt life but they do not need to ruin one.

Source: Action News Now, “Update: DUI driver runs red light causing multi-car accident in Chico,” Laura Martinez, Feb. 23, 2018