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San Diego man recovering after attack by 2 pit bulls

Cities and town in the Golden State are full of pets and service animals. Dogs are beloved as outdoor companions, and there are few parts of California that do not feature canines.

It is rare that a domesticated animal attacks a human to the point of severe injury or death, but it can happen. California state law is very specific on the liability of dog owners and caretakers in the case of such an attack, and animals with an aggressive history are tracked by municipal animal control departments.

A man is recovering after a pair of pit bull dogs attacked him on a street in San Diego. Two passersby managed to get the dogs to leave the man alone, and the animals fled eleven miles to National City before they were captured by animal control.

One of the dogs had been fitted with a microchip and its license showed a history of problems with animal control in the past. The dogs’ owner was contacted while the animals are held in quarantine.

The victim of the dog attack may have the dogs’ owner cited on criminal charges or pursue a lawsuit for financial restitution for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering.

Legal representation is recommended for victims of animal attacks who wish to seek damages through settlements or lawsuits from the people responsible for the dogs’ misbehavior. An attorney can help victims and their families sort out the legal options and precedents for compensation based on injuries suffered and recovery times.

Source: CBS 8, “Man recovering after vicious pit bull attack,” Elizabeth Sanchez, Jan. 10, 2018