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Rare truck accident claims life in California

California’s successful economy relies heavily on its roads, supporting shipping to and from the state’s ports and airports as well as carrying millions of people to work and play alike. There is perhaps no state with a greater breadth of vehicles on the roads, from sleek racing bikes in Long Beach to horses outside Barstow.

Semitrucks, or tractor-trailers, carry much of the country’s freight to final destinations and are a fixture on the roads of the Golden State. Drivers of these rigs must be careful, for even a minor accident with a semi can cause severe injury and wide-ranging damage.

A strange incident early on a recent morning closed a San Ramon street for hours and ultimately ended with a fatality. A tractor-trailer was driving on an elevated section of Interstate 680 in Contra Costa County when the cab swerved across the shoulder and through a fence at the edge of the roadway.

The weight of the trailer was not enough to keep the front section on the interstate and the truck fell off the viaduct onto a section of San Ramon Boulevard below. The cause of the accident is still unknown, and investigators with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have opened a case surrounding the incident.

Unfortunately, CHP officials confirmed there was a fatality involved in a vehicle on the boulevard that was struck by the falling truck. The driver of the semi is reported to have survived, although his condition is not yet known.

Victims of truck accidents and their survivors have the right to seek answers and restitution from a party at fault. An attorney has the qualifications to advise victims on the best legal path forward.

Source: KGO-TV, “1 dead after semi-truck crashes off I-680 in San Ramon,” Oct. 22, 2017