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Premises liability lawsuit aims to compensate injured caterer

Any business or institution that serves the general public has a responsibility to make customers and visitors feel welcome and safe. It is rare that a premises is the sight of an injury or other challenge to health, and California law protects victims of these incidents.

Immediate concerns often include medical expenses for recovery from an injury, followed by compensation for lost wages or productivity during the period of recovery. Financial damages for pain and suffering are also awarded by courts or as part of a legal settlement.

A Malibu caterer is currently suing a Los Angeles regional hospital and its parent system after an incident that she claims has restricted her professional life and career. The caterer was leaving the hospital after a patient visit when a door hit her, throwing her to the pavement where she broke her hip.

The plaintiff’s brief cites premises liability and negligence on the part of the hospital. The 68-year-old caterer is also suing the manufacturer and seller of the door with a charge of strict products liability under California law.

The suit is claiming compensation for the caterer’s injuries and recovery, as well as punitive damages related to the incident and her reduced capacity as a caterer. Medical professionals claim she will have issues relating to pain and reduced mobility from the incident for the rest of her life.

Victims of hazardous conditions on private property have the right to seek damages with a legal advocate. Court decisions and settlements are one way to restore personal and professional well-being after a property owner has endangered them.

Source: Malibu Patch, “Malibu Woman Sues Hospital For Rapidly Closing Door That Broke Her Hip,” Emily Holland, Aug. 17, 2017