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Car plows through California Starbucks with multiple injuries

Starbucks tends to be fairly packed all morning in California, and people calmly drinking coffee, talking on the phone and browsing the internet never really think they could be in serious danger. However, as a recent car accident shows, that cup of coffee could come with a high level of risk.

The accident initially involved two cars at an intersection. The light turned yellow. One of the cars was in the process of making a left-hand turn, and it started to go through the yellow light. At the same time, another car heading the opposite direction tried to run straight through the intersection before the light turned red. It slammed into the turning vehicle in front of it.

One of those cars then careened off the road and drove right through the glass wall of the Starbucks. Video from the scene shows a red Chevy Cruze sitting in a pile of rubble, halfway inside the shop.

Not only did it happen quickly, but some people didn’t even see the accident coming and had no chance to move. The store had a bench seat on the inside of the wall, but it wasn’t facing the windows — it was facing the rest of the shop. They were looking in the wrong direction when the car slammed into them from behind, and reporters said their injuries were the most significant.

You never expect an accident like this to happen, but all it takes is a split second of chaos to find yourself on the way to the hospital. Be sure you know if you have a right to compensation for those medical bills.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Surveillance Videos Show Car Crashing Into Valley Glen Starbucks,” John Cádiz Klemack and Adrian Arambulo, July 20, 2017