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Truck Accident Injures Multiple Bicyclists on Snelling Road, in Merced County

April 20, 2017- A truck collision led to injuries for several bicyclists, on Thursday, near Snelling.  The Merced County vehicle accident occurred on Snelling Road.

About nine bicycle riders were traveling in the bike lane along Snelling Rd.  A Dodge Ram pickup truck tried to pass the bicycles and struck at least four cyclists.


The victims suffered minor injuries.  Two were taken to a Merced hospital and one was taken to a Modesto hospital, for treatment.

The Law Firm of Nelson and Rozier is currently handling a similar case arising from August 23, 2013, when a Fresno police car ran over a man on a bicycle named Angel Toscano.

In that case, we were able to download the event data recorder from the police cruiser to determine pre-accident speed and acceleration of the car.

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