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Even dog breeds not known for violence sometimes attack

When people think about dog bites and attacks, they often think of breeds with a reputation for violence, such as pit bulls. However, it’s important to remember that even dogs without this reputation may bite. For example, here are a few breeds that one study found had attacked people, as unexpected as it may be:

— Chabrador. This dog, a cross between a labrador and a chow, had attacked five people and caused bodily harm. The study did not find any deaths, though.

— Dachshund. You may know the dachshund as a “sausage dog” or a “weenie dog.” What you may not know is that the study found these dogs had harmed six people and even caused one death.

— Golden Retriever. The Golden is the classic dog, known for being loyal and loving to play ball. Still, even these kind-hearted dogs caused 11 injuries and three deaths.

— Australian Shepherd. These dogs are known for their gray, brown and white coloring. The study found they’d injured 11 people, though none had been killed.

5. Saint Bernard. Portrayed as lovable giants in the movies, — Bulldog. The bulldog’s small size makes it seem very unlikely to attack, but they do have an energetic nature. The study found that bulldogs had attacked 20 people and even caused one death.

This information isn’t meant to portray these dog breeds negatively or frighten people, but simply to show that all breeds can pose some danger, no matter what the stereotypes say. Those who have been harmed must know what rights they have to compensation for medical costs, disfigurement and more.

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