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660,000 drivers are on their cellphones right now

If you’re thinking that distracted driving is blown out of proportion, you should know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that around 660,000 drivers are using their cellphones while they drive. That number is true at any moment during the day, all across the United States.

Technically, that number includes people who are using any types of electronic devices. This allows it to include more than just cellphones, expanding to things like tablet computers and MP3 players. Still, no matter what the device is, there is clearly a risk. Every time you get in your car, even just to run to the store, remember that some of those 660,000 people could be sharing the road with you.

What’s more is that the trend isn’t going away. Since 2010, government reports claim that device use behind the wheel has remained the same. This is despite various campaigns to put an end to it and the passing of new laws.

So, perhaps you’re thinking that these drivers must be operating their devices fairly safely, or so many of them wouldn’t do it. If so, consider that reports show people look away from the road for an average of five seconds when texting. For drivers who are going at a standard speed of 55 mph, that means the car can drive over an entire football field without the driver looking at the road. Now think about 660,000 cars blindly crossing 660,000 football fields, and the risk becomes very clear.

Have you been hurt in an accident that a distracted driver caused? If you’re facing lost wages, high medical bills, and other challenges, you may be able to seek compensation.

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