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Spinal cord injuries can sneak up on you: Four ways to identify them

Most people experience varying levels of whiplash pain after a car accident. Between some medication and a few trips to the chiropractor they hope that the soreness will disappear. Sometimes an accident can result in more than just whiplash and is not always immediately obvious. Spinal cord injuries do not necessarily feel painful right when they happen, the injury can build over time.

Four warning signs of a developing spinal cord injury

When most people picture a spinal cord injury they think of broken bones and paralysis. This can happen in severe cases, but there are varying levels of injuries. If your spine has been injured in a car accident then you could experience any of the following symptoms:

1. Loss of movement: Many people can slightly lose the ability to move their arms, hands, legs, and various body parts. It might be an annoying restriction or a balance problem. Although it appears insignificant, it could be the warning sign of a developing injury.

2. Loss of feeling: You might feel a decrease in sensation. Most often it occurs in your fingers and parts of the hand. You might not be able to feel touch, cold, or heat.

3. Sharp momentary pain: One of the more common symptoms is sudden sharp pain in the neck or back. It can feel like a shot of lighting goes through your body. It could only be momentary but when this happens it means that there is something wrong with the nerves in your spine.

4. Spasms or jumpy reflexes: Sudden spasms or strange reflexes can be a sign that something is off in your spine. It can include exaggerated reactions to a scare or to accomplish ordinary tasks.

Be proactive to prevent further injury

Symptoms can develop over time and become exacerbated by not taking proper care. Numbness can develop as the spinal cord swells. It is important that no matter how you feel after a car accident to get examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. While awaiting medical care make sure to keep your neck and spine immobilized and try not to move or walk around too much.

If you acquired a spinal cord injury in a car accident then you can seek compensation. It is possible to prove that the other driver was negligent, causing your injury. California has comparative fault rules for car accident law suits. This means that each party will be given a percentage for how at fault they are for the accident. The higher your fault percentage the less money you can receive in a law suit. This means that is it important to have a strong case in court. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury then seek an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney so they can help build a strong case for you.