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Automobile Crash Fatally Injures One, near Parlier, on Manning Avenue

April 7, 2015- A fatal automobile collision kills one in Fresno County, on Tuesday.  The car accident took place near the cities of Selma and Parlier, at approximately 4:15 AM.

A white BMW, driven by Christina Rodriguez of Delano, was driving on Bethel Avenue.  As the BMW came to the intersection of Bethel and Manning avenues, the driver failed to stop at the posted stop sign.

Fresno county selma parlier car crash bmw manning bethel avenue christina rodriguez fatality april 2015
picture by abc30

As the vehicle entered the intersection it was broadsided by a red Chevrolet that was traveling on Manning Avenue.  Rodriguez died instantly, according to investigators.

The driver of the Chevy suffered moderate injuries, which included a broken ankle.  He or she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Authorities have this accident under investigation.

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