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Southeast Fresno Hit and Run Collision Ends in a Double Fatality on Chestnut Avenue

Wrongful Death and Car Collision Attorney John L. Rozier has the following report; On Saturday, November 22, 2014, a hit and run crash happened in southeast Fresno, and killed a mother and daughter.  The DUI collision occurred at about 11:20 PM, at the Jensen and Chestnut intersection.
Rafael Arce Pedroza, who officers say was driving while intoxicated, was traveling in a Suzuki SUV on Chestnut Avenue.  He was speeding toward the intersection of Chestnut and Jensen avenues, when he hit a Nissan Pathfinder from behind, that was stopped at a red light.
The Nissan was driven by Jacqueline Rivera and also included her husband; Jose Chavez, son; Jose Chavez, daughter; Aaliyah Chavez, 11 years old, and her son’s girlfriend; Savanni Ung.
The collision with the Suzuki caused the Pathfinder to overturn multiple times and hit a light pole in the intersection.  The car then burst into flames, after the gas tank ruptured.
Pedroza ran away from the accident on foot into an apartment complex nearby.  He was later found hiding under a bed in his apartment and was arrested.
Jose Chavez, his son, and Savanni Ung were all able to get free of the burning vehicle.  While Jacqueline Rivera and her daughter Aaliyah who were unconscious from the collision were not rescued in time.
Pedroza and the three victims in the Pathfinder all suffered minor to moderate injuries.  They were taken to Community Regional Medical Center, for treatment.
Our condolences go out to the family of the victims in this accident.  Mr. Rozier is located just a few miles south of Fresno, in Visalia and would like to speak to the family.  Please give him a call at 559-713-0159  or reach him at