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Bus Collision on Highway 190 and Plano Street in Porterville

September 30, 2014- A traffic collision between a bus and automobile in Tulare County, leaves cars backed up at a busy highway intersection.  The vehicle accident took place in Porterville, on Tuesday, at about 2:36 PM.

A Porterville City Bus was traveling south on Plano Street.  As it entered the intersection of Highway 190 and Plano St., a Cal Fire engine drove by with its lights and sirens on.  The driver of the bus pulled to the side, while still in the intersection to let the fire truck pass.

porterville bus crash car collision highway 190 plano street

At that time the signal light at the intersection changed to red, and the light turned green for traffic traveling on Highway 190.  A car driving east on Hwy 190 drove into the intersection and hit the bus.

The driver of the four-door sedan sustained moderate injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.  A passenger in the bus, also received injuries and was taken to the hospital as well.

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