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Bus Carrying Inmates Crashes on Highway 43

October 12, 2011- A bus carrying inmates crashed Wednesday afternoon on Highway 43, north of Delano.

The accident happened at about 1:00 PM at the intersection of Hwy 43 and Garces Highway.

The Fresno Sheriff’s Department was transporting the prisoners northbound at 55 mph and had the right of way, according to the CHP. A big rig that had stopped at the stop sign turned right in front of the bus.

The bus hit the semi’s trailer, which broke all the glass in the front of the bus and smashed the door. This made the bus completely immobile in the middle of the intersection.

The five people on board the bus were wearing their seat belts, so no one was seriously injured. Just complaints of pain to their arms, shoulders, and legs.

Rescue crews worked on getting the bus moved from the middle of the highway, which took awhile because the brakes were locked up.

Deputy patrol cars were called in to securely transport the inmates to the hospital.

The big rig’s driver stayed at the scene of the crash, and officials report that he will not likely be cited for the incident.

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