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Madera Ranchos accident claims two lives

January 2, 2010–According to the Fresno Bee, a two vehicle collision earlier today took the lives of both drivers.  A truck swerved into the opposing lane of traffic and caused the head-on collision near Avenue 12 and Road 32 in Madera Ranchos.

The CHP report on a fatal accident such as this involving 2 wrongful deaths can take at least a couple of weeks to be finalized.  The face sheet of the report should be available within a day or two for family members of the victims.  Issues to be determined include the speeds and precise locations of each vehicle, black box data downloads from each vehicle, a survey of the scene of the accident and a review of other accidents in this vicinity in addition to toxicology reports to be obtained from the Madera County Coroner’s office.  If you are family of either decedent and would like this matter investigated further, then please call us in the morning.  /