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Puncture wounds are more dangerous than they appear

You're out for a run when a dog bites you. It happens quickly. The owner doesn't have the dog on a leash and it snaps onto your leg as you jog by.

At first, you think that the injury isn't that bad. The adrenaline makes it harder for you to feel the pain. The bite doesn't bleed very much. You take down the person's information and stagger home, where it becomes clear that you have a deep puncture wound.

Distracted driving can cause harm to the most vulnerable

As you have been driving down a California highway, you have probably noticed that you are sharing the road with distracted drivers. Common types of distraction include looking at phones, texting, eating, talking to a passenger, inputting a location in a GPS system, changing the radio station and even putting on make-up. Regardless of why a driver may not be paying full attention, distraction in all forms is dangerous and reckless. 

Distracted driving significantly increases the chance of a car accident. Sadly, it is often the most vulnerable people who suffer harm in these types of crashes. Children are often victims of the choices other people make while behind the wheel. Just looking at one text or looking away for one second can result in an accident that can leave a young, innocent person with serious or fatal injuries.

Pedestrian Struck in Vehicle Accident in Fresno at Alamos and Marks Avenues

A ten year old by was crossing Marks Avenue at Alamos with his father and another child when they were hit by a white van turning left at the intersection, according to Fresno Police. 

8 Year Old Boy Killed in Car Accident in Reedley at Dinuba and Alta Avenues

An eight year old boy, Eliseo Saldana, has died after the sedan he was travelling in with two adults was struck by a car that failed to stop at the intersection. 

Two Motorcyclists Killed in Vehicle Collision in Bakersfield on Wilson Road

Santiago Algandar Soto and Lorena Villalba Espinoza of Bakersfield were killed on Wednesday, October 2 when their motorcycles were struck by a sedan which failed to yield to the cyclists' right of way according to Bakersfield Police Department.

An alleged Visalia drunk motorist kills 1, seriously injures 4

A suspected drunk driver is believed to have caused a fatal Tulare County car accident on Highway 198 on Sept. 29. The 5:20 p.m. incident claimed one passenger's life and left five others with serious injuries.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) report details how witnesses noticed the driver of a 2001 Mercedes C200 sedan driving down Highway 198 to the west of Road 248 near Lake Kaweah moments before the crash occurred.

Suspected DUI Accident Kills 1, Injures 4 Others on 198 near Road 248

A two-vehicle accident took place on Sunday afternoon near Lake Kaweah involving an alleged drunk driver leaving one dead and five injured. The fatal Tulare County collision occurred on Highway 198 west of Road 248. 

What are some of the most serious car crash injuries?

Car accidents are one of the primary ways in which individuals get hurt in the United States. While many motorists are lucky enough to walk away from their crashes unscathed, countless others suffer serious, life-threatening injuries or die in them.

The chest and neck are two body parts that motorists often injure in car accidents.

The human eye works more like radar than people realize

When people think about how they see the world, they often assume that they see everything in front of them, all the time. They may not focus on small details, but they still see them. Right?

Not really. Science experts note that the eye is actually fairly similar to a radar screen, meaning that it is always interpreting what it sees and gathering new information. But it does not just have that information instantly. Just like the radar runs around in an endless circle, updating with each and every revolution, the eye is always attempting to update the picture.

California crash leads to criminal charges for truck driver

There would not be much trade in California without trucks, which brings goods and services to all areas of the state and often do it exclusively far from trains and shores. Perhaps this, along with the Golden State's tightly packed roads in every imaginable setting, is why the state sees one of the nation's highest rates in truck accidents every year.

Truck drivers have to be well-educated and professionally licensed to operate most heavy vehicles. And this is a good thing, since the sheer weight and force of a speeding truck can cause extreme damage and severe injury if it jackknifes, sideswipes or collides head-on with another vehicle.

Why are fatal truck accidents on the rise?

Any kind of car accident has the potential to cause serious damage to both vehicles and people. When one of the vehicles involved is a semi-truck, the risk sharply increases. Most truck drivers are aware of that and take proper precautions, but there are times when some drivers fail to take safety into account.

The number of fatal truck accidents rose from 2009 to 2017 by 42%. One organization focused on truck safety has several theories as to why, and they offer several suggestions to improve the numbers. However, they are not without their critics.

What can you do to prevent an animal from attacking you?

In recent years, stories about animals attacking humans have become increasingly devastating. Those individuals that have been lucky enough to survive their attacks have been left with debilitating injuries including severed limbs, lingering nerve damage, pain and flesh-eating infections. Most of these types of attacks are preventable.

The best thing that you can do if you ever encounter a stray animal is to remain calm. Pets can sense when you're not comfortable around them. This can make them feel uneasy. If an animal feels that their life is in danger, then they may attack you.

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